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Why I created the SHTF Flash Library

Back in the Day, it was common practice to have books and notebooks full of information for all sorts of problems that could arise during a SHTF Event.

Information on tasks as basic as shelter building all the way up to making your own medications, like Penicillin.

This is still a Great Idea and highly recommended by most survival experts. The problem lies in the ability to have these books and manuals handy if you have to Bug-Out.

First, I am not in the camp of Hunkering Down or Sheltering in Place when the Shit Hits the Fan, most major events in today’s fragile world will cause widespread social collapse. The Thin Veneer of Civilisation will be ripped away and I don’t want to be standing there with my pants down.

Secondly, if you are like me, you can’t afford a Retreat or another place somewhere else, this is where I live and that takes all my money to maintain just this one place. That said, all of my preps are here, and I would hate to leave everything behind, but I will not hesitate to Bug-out, I will not get caught or shot over-thinking it, that is a recipe for death.

With this in mind, I have accumulated my Library into PDFs and Videos so at least I can have all that information with me at all times, not in my overrun home. So even if all Cell Service is down, we can still use our Smart Phones and Tablets to read and watch our Libary, Information is Power so Retain it.

Much of my reasoning for this is in my “Will you Survive an EMP” eBook, and I talk about these subjects on my Blog as well, and in my Podcasts if you want more info on preparing for a collapse.