January 6, 2018

YouTube monetization: Using YouTube for Profit and Free Hosting | PGP056

by Mark Boyle

YouTube Monetization: Using YouTube for Profit and Free Hosting – PGP056

YouTube Monetization: I may not make good videos, but I do know how much money advertisers are willing to pay for views. Knowing what a Company is willing to pay you for views is power, so become the "Talent" and work directly with sponsors and Advertisers to make more money than YouTube will ever pay you for on your best video.

Advertisers on YouTube Pay BIG $ to get the word out

 A typical video ad runs between $.10 and $.30 per view, depending on the Ad's video quality, their targeting (Niche), and their overall goal. So why are you standing there with a Cup in your hand, bagging for crumbs?

How that works out is that if a company's ad campaign had a $0.10 video view deal, they would pay $1,000 for every 10,000 people that watch their video ad on YouTube. That Video ad is what YouTube Plays just before your Awesome Video plays for your Subscriber, hum mm.   YouTube makes .10 to .30 cents per view while they pay you per thousand views.


There are a few methods of ad targeting you can choose on YouTube, including, Demographic groups – Age, gender, income, or parental status, for example.

Advertisers can target viewers by age, gender, location or by what types of videos they like to watch on YouTube. Generally, advertisers pay incrementally more for focused target audiences.  Would you say the Videos you create or targeted?

Interests – Reach people interested in certain topics. This includes the more granular affinity and in-market audiences. This is where your Niche comes into play.

Video re-marketing, Topics, and Keywords, are all important factors for Advertisers.  If you can fell their needs, they will pay you.

Some Good Books you may want

So here's the DEAL

As a Small Business owner in a small market, we paid up to $600.00 per month to sponsor the weather 3 times a day on a local radio station.  In the Phone Book we paid up to $400.00 each and every month for ads in a few categories.  There is money out there and you are missing the boat.

YouTube is just the Middle-Man, you are the Talent that people are watching, it is your content that viewers are consuming.  YouTube is not the Producer of Shows, like Fox, CBS, Netflix, NBC and the list goes on and on.  When a TV Celebrity makes millions a year, the millions are paid to them by the Network that produces the Show.  The Network Pays the Writers, Camera-person, Lighting and all the Overhead, the Networks own the shows they create, and pay the talent, what has YouTube done for you and your show lately, LOTS?

YouTube is just the Middle-Man, you are the Talent that people are watching. What has YouTube done for you and your show lately?

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As long as we all continue to share information on these Platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Google, they will continue to grow in size.

This is good, because the bigger they become, the more Views, Like, and Shares we will get.  It is the Grapevine and we are the gossipers, so in a seance, they wash our backs and we wash theirs.  Don't get all upset because when they make money from their Grapevines, they don't want to share it.  

Use their grapevines and make your own Wine.

The Social grapevines are huge, use that asset to your advantage.

Free Video Hosting is awesome, upload all of your HD Videos on YouTube and market them, it cost you NOTHING!

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Become the CEO's, Talents, Producers, Writers, Camera Operators, and The Advertising Departments, of your own Content, No one is STOPPING YOU!

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