April 15, 2015

Wise Bug-out Plan

by Mark Boyle

A Bug out Plan Includes!

"A wise Bug out plan" as with all my advice, is a concept that deals with a  decision making paradigms that will be hard to change, and even harder to understand and get our heads around.  


Mainly because EVERY ONE says stay put, defend your home and stock-pile, or the looters will take it, everyone will be heading to the hills, what are you thinking man?  My thinking is this, if the looters are going to be around to take my stuff, then who are all the folks heading to the hills?  And I don't believe in large stock-piles, kinda like having all your eggs in one basket don't ya think?

  • Have a Bug out plan and mindset, before the SHTF, like coming in before it rains
  • Situational awareness, pay attention to your immediate area, if it looks bad it probably is
  • Decision to bug out or bug in is not a question, like, should we go to the Park or the Zoo?
  • A simple bug out plan, like going camping, get your gear, load up, gas up and go while you can.

So here are 5 reasons why My Bug Out Plan is Wrong according to the experts.

  • 1 You've probably got quite a bit of food, water and supplies stocked up. How much of it realistically could you fit in your vehicle, or in your bug-out bag for that matter? Why stockpile a bunch of preps just to leave them behind at home when you need them the most?
  • 2 Rural areas were actually much more dangerous than the cities simply because of the lack of people, the lack of active commerce between people (for re-stocking supplies) and that rural areas could simply not defend themselves from their aggressors.
  • 3 Planning to get out of the city is all well and good, but where do you plan on going? Bugging out to the middle of the woods is a horrible idea
  • 4 In a real SHTF, without-rule-of-law scenario there’s a real chance that people could band together in groups to take supplies from others by force. Your only chance to defend yourself against something like this is with a community of like-minded people willing to help each other. Is it more likely that you’ll find this community in your current neighbors or is it more likely that some random group of farmers is just going to happen to let you in to their close-knit community? 
  • 5 Everyone seems to think that bugging out is a solution to a security problem. This is far from the case. Bugging out only makes most security problems worse.

5 rebuttals to what the experts say, and how you should look at it!

  1. We should not be those preppers with a large stock pile of food and water,  most preppers that are new to being prepared should have enough to get buy for a week or 2, plus whats on hand, and the skills to live off the land.  A large pile of food and water reduces your options and will cause hesitation to leave at a time when you must act.  If you want to live through any bad situation then learn to hunt small game and know where to find water, not buy into a false sense of security and a pile of carbs.
  2. A small rural area with less people is exactly what you want, when all Hell brakes out I want to be as far from the Crazies as possible.  Most sane people would agree that most everyone we meet, even in our so-called civil society, are not nice, and most are A-holes.  They will shoot you over the last bottle of water in a SHTF scenario.  If you see the signs and leave early you can avoid this, instead of dealing with it, and possibly ending up in jail or dead. 
  3. I'm sorry but their reason as to "where do you plan on going?" is just dopey.  If you're reading this post and those "Prepper Sites" then you are someone that is thinking about the reality of bad things happening, and are looking for information, not to be talked down too.  All Government land ruled over by BLM allows you to camp for 7-14 days without kissing their ring.  These areas are not Campgrounds but just lands run by BLM, check it out and go camping.  It is highly unlikely in a WORL (without-rule-of-law) situation that anyone will be around to say anything.  One last point, in 48 of the 50 states mining is allowed, if a forest service person ask what you're doing, say Prospecting, not mining or camping just prospecting, look it up.
  4. In a WORL situation it will be my neighbors that I trust the least, yes I'm a cynic, I have been to Town Counsel Meeting, and trust no one, as I stated in #2, people now days suck, take away that thin veneer of civility and it is every person for themselves.  Yes, Bad People will band together to take the weaker folks stuff, and that will be happening in the cities, where I, and hopefully you, won't be.  In my About Page, I explain why I took up Hiking instead of joining a Gym, I can sling my 40 lbs pack on, and walk away in a heart beat,  shoot 2 rabbits along the way, and sit on top of a mountain fat and happy while I watch the fires burn below. 
  5. Is it harder to secure a camp site then your home?  Probably, I don't know, I do know that a sniper can stay concealed longer than a troop can.  I also know that a bad guy with a scoped rifle can take me or you out in our yard before we even know whats up.  The question is this, are you safer in the city? or in the boonies?  What is a military crest, or a cold camp? Do your home work before the sh!t hits the fan.  For me, I'll take any tactile advantage over being a sitting duck any day of the week, and I hope you will too.

The best-est reason to have a Bug out Plan and use it, is this! When the Balloon goes up (SHTF), you don't have the time or luxury to figure it out, it's to late.  If you stay, you will most likely have to defined your home, if the Police are still out and trying to keep the peace, then you will be arrested for doing so, and if it involves a shooting,  you will be accused of shooting some "Poor Victim" just trying to feed his family, and in the worst time imaginable, you'll be in jail.  

I have talked to Law Enforcement about this, and until it gets so bad that even they stay home to protect their families. they will have Zero tolerance for vigilantes.  You can say, that won't happen, but look a Katrina, they beat down an old women and took her gun, just for telling them she had a gun and it was for protection.  She didn't brandish it at them, but just said yes to a question when ask, and said it's right here.  They took as many guns as they could during that time, and are still in court with the NRA to this day.  

bug out plan

So please, if you see it going from bad to worst, then just go camping. When the fires go out and people start to fix things up, then by all means, go back and help.  Then you can reconnect with your friends and neighbors and re-build.  You'll be fine for 2-4 weeks camping, it's not like you are going all Jeremiah Johnson for the rest of your life, just long enough to save your life.

Learn some Skills, get some  Gear and re-set your Mindset.​

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