Will you Survive an EMP | PGP058

Published on May 9, 2018
PGP058 Will you Survive an EMP

Will You Survive An EMP

"Another way to be prepared is to think negatively. Yes, I'm a great optimist. but, when trying to make a decision, I often think of the worst case scenario. I call it 'the eaten by wolves factor.' If I do something, what's the most terrible thing that could happen? Would I be eaten by wolves? One thing that makes it possible to be an optimist, is if you have a contingency plan for when all hell breaks loose. There are a lot of things I don't worry about, because I have a plan in place if they do." Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Will you Survive an EMP?  Most everyone will survive the actual EMP event, though many on life-support and in the air at the time may not, odds are high that most people will not even notice that there was even a detonation of any sort. This podcast is about the aftermath and the 90% that will die in the following year.

If you are still alive after the balloon goes up, what you do next will determine if you survive long-term. Based on information from military and scientific experts over 90% of America's population will die within the first year. These deaths will be from Violence, Starvation, and Sickness.

The Federal Government's Plan as explained in the EMP Commission, is extensive and complex to say the least, it involves a complicated working relationship with Private Businesses, Government Agencies and We the People, and on paper, it works great.
The biggest flaw in that plan is the assumption all things will work together and without any hangups. If you can't get to work and most key players in that plan are without transportation, how will it ever work?

Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.

Think about and discuss with your family, team, or friends all of the horrible and heinous things you've seen on TV and in the news, people murdering their neighbors for $2 in change, sociopaths killing family members and burying them under the house or in the Rose Garden, gang violence, drug violence and just all-around very evil people.
This is the world we live in today, right now, while there are actually Police trying to keep “Rule of Law”. The courtesy people express, the Politeness we all share, a smile at the Bank, this is what is known as the “Thin Veneer” of society.

It is a safe bet to assume that the world you'll be forced to live in after an EMP will have stripped away that “Thin Veneer”, and you, and your Group are now truly yo-yo, (You're On-Your Own).

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