Why We Really Love Carbs

October 12, 2018

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In this video, Dr. Berg explains the reason behind why we really love carbs. It has to do with three body chemicals when consuming carbohydrates; the beta endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These three together will decrease your pain physically and emotionally, stress, increases your confidence and motivation, you’ll feel socially connected, feel more satisfied in life and hopeful but it also comes with several problems.
• Beta Endorphins – 33x stronger for pain relief than morphine. It is great to reduce pain or emotional pain.
• Dopamine – Pleasure sensation
• Serotonin – Anti-anxiety hormone

Problems with consuming carbohydrates:
• Pleasure sensation doesn’t last – makes you more dependent on sugar and carbohydrates
• Over time lose effect – worsens

In this video we’re gonna talk about why you really love carbs. It has to do with three body chemicals that are increased when you consume carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates. Beta endorphins which by the way is about 33x stronger for pain relief than morphine. So it’s great to reduce pain and emotional pain. It will increase dopamine which will give you all sorts of pleasure sensation. And serotonin which is the anti-anxiety hormone. So these three together will decrease your pain physically and emotionally. It’ll decrease your stress, it will increase your confidence, increase your motivation, you’ll feel socially connected, you’ll feel more satisfied in life and you’ll feel more hopeful. Here’s the problem, it comes with a package. It only lasts for a couple minutes until things start to rebound down here and then these symptoms actually come back but are gonna be worse than before
and that’s really the trap of it because it makes you dependent on the sugar and the carbohydrates so when you’re dependent you actually are controlled by that thing. You’re at the effect of that thing. Not a good situation to be in. So the next time you’re tempted to consume some carbohydrate or some cake or something, really sit back and ask yourself, what problem am I trying to solve? Did I have a loss of something? Is there a stress involved? Do I wanna increase my confidence? Which one of these are you trying to solve and it’s kind of interesting using sugar to solve a problem. That’s like taking a hammer to your stubbed toe. right? I mean it doesn’t make sense. It’s not going to solve it. It’s just gonna give you this little temporary relief until it wears out and then over time basically you lose this effect to the point where you need more and more sugar to create same effect. Happen with me with coffee in college, I started drinking a lot of coffee. I needed more and more to wake up to the point where I drank the coffee and then I fell asleep so I had no more effect of it bringing me up. Now, if there’s other ways to increase your beta endorphins, you can exercise like the runner’s high, music, laughter, intermittent fasting will increase beta endorphins.

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