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why the FJ40

Why the FJ40 | Made of sterner stuff

The Japanese approach to engineering critically rests on the relentless pursuit of perfection. It’s not good enough to have the mentality of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, they would prefer that it never break at all. Why replace something when you can build it right the first time?

I must admit that the price was kind of on the high side, coming in at $6,000.00, but I had a 93 F350 4 door 4x4 that was paid for years ago as a trade.  The F350 was a Beast, and guzzled gas, but had more than paid for it's self over the 14 years we had it.  So with another thousand dollars this was a very good price, I look at it as though I only paid $1,000.00 for my FJ.

So where to Start?

I am not a fan of lists, but I do over-think things, so for starters...the FJ40 starts and runs, the tires are in great shape, so it will start out on a few short drives to see if all the running gear works, the way I see it, we will take it one problem at a time.

There are some interior details that will be addressed as well, the back fold down seat cushions are shot and those will get new ones, but the new cushions will be removable, so if not being used as seating they can be used as storage or like shelves.

Also the small dash is trashed so I will need a new replacement, passenger side window is not anywhere to be found so you guessed it, need one of those as well.  And then there is the front seats, not comfortable in any stretch of the imagination, and look awful.

Stock or Comfort

Here is the first issue, My Wife thinks the new front seats should be restored to look like the originals, I say New Bucket Seats that hold a person in place better during Four Wheeling.

I totally see Her side, and thinking, there is an argument to be made for Going Stock, yet we are not going for restoration.  If that were the case, and Restoration was the Plan,  I would take it down to the frame and powder-coat everything that I could fit in to my friends Oven, and he has one big enough to powder-coat truck frames.

My goal is to end up with a fun and reliable 4X4 that looks Cool and is EMP Proof, an overall Bug-Out, and Off-Road Vehicle.  

This is where we are at End of Day 3, more to come soon.

If you have built your own Bug-Out-Vehicle, or own a FJ40, Post your thoughts, & Share Your Ideas

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