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When Smith and Wesson Ruled the World: The Model 59

October 5, 2018

A ground breaking concept at the time, for a time the S&W Model 59 seemed to rule the world with its magazine capacity and high quality construction. As discussed in the video I grew up on the gun and it was always on my list as a “must have” acquisition. It just took a few years for that to happen. For sure other excellent era 9mm GTW pistols like the Browning Hi Power, H&K P7 M13, CZ 75, and Beretta 92 also set the stage for the this new future (see my videos from 2008!: https://youtu.be/HeqQ1b0CnkY). But as far as US produced “high capacity” 9mm pistols were concerned, the Model 59 was it.
But have the years been kind to the Model 59 and 459? We’ll take a look here at we take this very clean used example out on several TNP outings and shoot it lots. Surprises ensue…the good kind! In the end you just may end up wanting this now collectible and apparently still awesome Smith and Wesson 9mm; I predict values on these Model 59s will increase over time.

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