August 4, 2015

When do you initiate your SHTF Bug-Out Plan?

by Mark Boyle

When do you Bug-Out, When the SHTF?

The slow-motion collision is happening, we have hit the iceberg, we can hear the crushing metal and feel the vibrations and all the pain from the impact is real. The media tells us all is fine, look, they say. the Band is still on deck and it’s Happy Hour in the Bar. Even if we head to higher ground, we are still in the sinking ship, running from one Air Bubble to the next hoping we won’t drown? With all the lies from our Politicians and the Media, do we ever get the Big Picture?


What If...The economy is collapsing yet everyone thinks everything is ok? People wonder why you’re in a panic because you can only withdraw $100.00 a day from the Bank, but tell you it’s better than a run on the Banks.

What If...Protecting yourself from looters gets you in trouble with the law? You’re taken in for questioning because you called the Police on some youths that were trespassing on your property, but they say they were lost and you Brandished a gun. While you’re in Police custody your Wife is attacked by the same youths, but law enforcement say you caused it by agitating them.

What If...Big Brother runs every aspect of your life, and you are called a kook? It’s as if you awoke in a very real ”Hunger Games” world. Those you care about the most think you have lost it, that you're a Mental Patient.

So why is this happening, why does nobody see it, and why didn't we see it sooner?

Normalcy Bias is why, a part of human nature and, to some extent, we are all guilty of participating in it. Unfortunately, Normalcy Bias inhibits our ability to cope with a disaster once it is underway.

People with Normalcy Bias have:

  • Difficulty reacting to something they have not experienced before
  • Leads people to misinterpret warnings accurately
  • Re-frame information in order to project an optimistic outcome
  • Causes a person to infer a less serious situation

As Preppers, we suffer from normalcy bias too.

We planned for a Collapse, maybe an EMP, the Big Quake or even a Pandemic but may realized too late that Shit is already happening, we are the Proverbial frogs now in the boiling water, is it to late to act? Most likely...yes! You see, with Normalcy Bias comes Analysis paralysis, we waited too long, thought too much and acted too slowly. While we planned for the obvious big ones we overlooked all the small ones. ​It would be easier if the shit did hit the fan, all our decisions would be front and center. A solar mass ejection would black out most of the world, 50% of earth's population would die in 2 weeks to a month, in a year 90% would be gone.

But, what if the shit just happens, like the Blob, never hitting the fan, just sucking us under?

Then what? It is my opinion that we are in this very predicament, right now, today. But there is no trigger effect, no reason to pack-up and leave. Nothing screams “GO”, “TAKE ACTION”, “GET THE F_OUTTA DODGE”, so we just set in the pan of boiling water, commenting to one another, This ain't that Bad.

Is Uncle Sam a “Deadman Walking”?

Your Uncle Sam has cancer, the Doctor says, it has metastasis and spread throughout his entire body, every cell, tissue and organ is affected.

Will he die you ask tearfully, so our family can move on and rebuild our lives? Will we get closure so we can look back on our dear Uncle’s life with fond memories and celebrate the good things he gave U.S., you ask?

No, responds the Doctors, we will keep him on Life Support for decades, if not longer. Sorry, but your suffering will have no end and your family will bear the financial burden for generations. I am truly shocked that you even asked, think about all the staff at this facility, their lives depend on keeping your Uncle alive, have you no compassion towards their livelihoods and their families?

We the People have no control over the treatment of Uncle Sam anymore, we are forced to pay and pay but his soul is dying, and we cannot even take him home, and nurse Him back to health.

So, as usual we have two choices, but what are they?…

  1. Bug-out, at this moment in time, Why? Your bills are paid, kinda there is food on the table, barely and thought the Middle class is shrinking, there is still a small piece for you, hopefully. If you Bug-Out now, who will save Dear-O-Uncle Sam? I honestly feel that Bugging out is a sensible idea if certain events happen, Natural disasters that cannot be stopped, a crazed horde of looters that will not have a debate with you at your gate or the front door. WORL or With Out Rule of Law or in extreme situations then you will need to Bug-Out.
  2. Save Uncle Sam, but those are Fightin Words, right? The Feds will never allow us to take Uncle Sam home, they are the ones that put him in the Hospital in the first place. Might as well get while the getting's good. No, this is America and it belongs to us, We The People, we built it and we need to get control back in our hands, not theirs.

If you lived back in 1776 and saw a vision of America today, would you see the right choice? It's funny to hear preppers say...I've got to have a Bug-Out plan, it's like saying, I have got to have a plan to breath. "If" the shit hit the fan there is no option, in a SHTF scenario, a true SHTF situation, you will have to Bug Out, no if's, and's or maybe's. The chaos will be so great, that to stay, WILL get you killed, think of it like a wildfire, leave or burn to death.

This is why I ask, what if everything you Prepped for doesn't work out the way you "Planned"? What if Shit just Happens, but never actually Hits The Fan? A slow incremental, lingering death by shit, one Crap sandwich after another?

The saddest days in my life

Those 2 times were when I realized that no matter how much I hurt, I couldn't keep my Mother or Father alive, they both passed at different time in my life, and I was thankful I was with them at that moment, but I couldn't save them. I remember looking at Mom and wishing I could do the Volcan Mind Melt (a Star Trek thing) just so I wouldn't lose all Her wisdom and knowledge. There was no way I could explain to Dad how much I wish I had spent more time with him, but no, death is inevitable.

Why do I say this, why do I share those painful feelings?

Because I now believe in inevitability, America will fall, Dear-o-Uncle Sam will die, how do we know?

  • The lack of references about America in the Book of Revelations. not even a footnote, shows us that.
  • History proves it time and time again
  • Apathy and Complacentcy will forces it.

This great Nation will stumble, it well fall. When I see the hoard coming to the house that my Wife and I built over the past 15 years, and as they pound on the front door We will leave out the back. We will live, that is when I will Bug-Out, but until then I will do everything in my power to save America.

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

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