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Part 1 PGP 03/28/2022

I wanted this to be current because by week's end Ukraine/NATO may surrender to Russia, yes things are not what they are telling us on the MSM.

Ukraine good, Russia Bad, lol what a crock

Most folks think Ukraine is just awesome, because the media says so, and others hate Russia because the media says so, when did we all start believing the Fucking media?There …

State Of The Union, not the Country

WTF was our Mental Patient in Cheif talking about? But it’s not just Biden it is the last 70-80 years that our presidents have talked about the people and not …

The Lights Are Still On

I woke up happy, the world is still here and functioning, yippie.My New Genny Get A Bivy Here F#CK Yes It's Rated (R)TagsRussia, WW4, Prepping, emp, cyber-attacks, nukes, power grid failure, …