The Mark Boyle Show | 11/25/18 | S1E4

Published on December 4, 2018

It is my belief that most advanced Preppers are ready to Bug-out at a moments notice

  • Most have plenty of Skills
  • Tons of Gear
  • Ours Mindset is made-up

Hell most of the Preppers I have met even have a location to head too, and it's paid for! so I wonder, what are we waiting for?

This episode drills into the reality of "Just Doing It", and asks the question, why we are waiting for an apocalypse to happen, and do we actually want Doomsday?

I think we are all struck in a rut and NEED something to happen, so we are literally forced out of that self inflicted prison we have built, called our lives.

Man Was Created To Live, Not Exist!

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