The Big Problem with Research Studies

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Dr. Berg talks about the problem with research studies. The assumption that medicine is scientific because medicine has become the management of symptoms using drugs which then gives side effects. The amount of medication given to people is too much.

Problems with Research Studies:
1. Interpretation – 2nd hand information. You have to have a basic physiology to be able to understand it as well.
2. 75% Studies Journals – Funded by Big Pharma
3. Data Manipulated
4. Very difficult to prove something – So many variables.

I want to talk about the problem with research studies. The first point I wanna bring up is just the assumption that medicine is scientific. Because medical doctors wear white lab coats and so do scientist so therefore it’s scientific right? But medicine has become the management of symptoms using drugs which then gives side effects which then you add more drugs and just keeps going around and around, to me that is not science. Now, I’m not talking about emergency care, you break a bone. I’m talking about just the amount of medication given to people. I think it’s like four billion prescriptions every single year. That’s 13 drugs for every man, woman and child. To me, that’s a bit too much. Now the first problem with research studies is the interpretation, very few people can actually interpret what they mean because it’s encoded in a special language and you also have to have some basic physiology to be able to understand it as well. So now you’re relying on someone else interpreting it for you and of course who knows if they’re biased, if they’re taking an objective view on exactly what was shown in the study but I think it is even third hand information because you have the researcher that is doing their interpretation of the data and then you have someone interpreting it and then you get this funnel effect and some people actually get their information from the media interpretation of this study so it gets watered down even more. You can probably get the opposite finding if you listen to the media but the point is that very few can interpret and really understand what the study says and let along actually read the study, very people even read the study then they’ll just get their information from someone else who read it online or something. Number 2, I don’t know if you realize this but seventy-five percent of the studies and journals are funded by big pharma. So right there that really lows the credibility of the study. Number 3, data can be manipulated. You can make a study basically say whatever you want. I’m going to put an article down below with more data on that. It’s actually quite fascinating but a lot of the studies out there have data that’s been manipulated. Like let’s just take the Framingham Study and in that study they omitted some real key pieces of data. They just took it out and so they used the data that they wanted to prove their theory.

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