Take a Listen, she runs | FJ40 Project

I let her run for  bit so if you hear anything good or bad let me know.

Take a Listen, she runs | FJ40 Project

As a Prepper, I feel that your most reliable means of transportation will be your Boots, but having a solid E.M.P Safe B.O.V is key.  This project has been Top-of Mind for me over many years, so when this FJ40 became available, I had to pull the trigger.

Doing Mechanical work is not my strong point in the Skills Category, and that is why I took this on.  Yes I thought about and even priced the Ford Raptor as well as the Dodge Power Wagon, but in all reality, those are not a great B.O.V... Too much Tech.

So this will not only work as a fantastic Bug-out-Vehicle, but will force me to level-up my mechanical Skills, and that is way more important than running out and spending $50,000 to $70,000 on a vehicle that would most likely brake down when I needed most.

I had a Range Rover, she was pretty, and was so sweet to drive, and just like any other beautiful Prom-Queen, a real High Maintenance Bitch.  The FJ40 is the gal you take home to meet the parents, she loves to shoot, and drinks beer, not wine, and is a real keeper.