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72 Hour Bug-out Challenge, Challenge Accepted | PGP48

September 21, 2016

72-hour-bug-out-challenge is a new Challenge that makes you the Star of this show. No casting, No audition videos, just do it and record it.The 72 Hour Bug-out Challenge asks, Have you ever wanted, or DREAMED to be on a survival show like “Naked and Afraid”?


PGP042: Our kids, Family, and what matters most

May 4, 2016

Family’s matter, and how we raise our children is important, but keeping then safe is a Priority. Family, is forever but we all make mistakes raising our kids, and we were most likely a pain as we were growing up, but the family is the only asset that will last, so keep them safe.As Parent’s, we try […]


PGP038: Number One Reason to Start Prepping Now

April 6, 2016

Number One Reason to Start Prepping Now is because tomorrow may be too late for your Family and others counting on You.Things can go south Real Fast, but being truly Ready can take some time, time you might not have.  Lucky for you, if you practice Minimalist Prepping now, the time is shortened dramatically before […]


PGP037: Skills, and a change in Format, less politics and more prepping

March 30, 2016

90 year old with a rifle setting on her porch.  this generation knew how to survive because they had basic skills.Skills:  Changing my format to more prepping and fewer politics, we will still discuss politics a Little as it pertains to the subject but not an entire show.


PGP030: When you dont stand for Freedom you’ll Fall for Tyranny

February 10, 2016

Standing against Tyranny isn’t a call to Arms but a Call to Action. We Must get involved in anyway possible, Find a message you believe in then Tweet it !We have the Power, they say we don’t, What say You?Summary:   My Issues with other Organization asking LaVoy to Move the Protest to a Sheriff […]


PGP020: Thanksgiving and Wrap-up Part 4

November 25, 2015

The First Thanksgiving & A quick Wrap-up on PreppingThis is the last of our series on Prepping and the 4 steps to be or get Prepared.  And a brief history on the First Thanksgiving in a new world.


PGP009: If you fail to plan, You plan to fail

September 9, 2015

If you fail to plan, You plan to fail, it’s that simpleSummary:   A quick look into why thinking negatively is the only way to find potential problems and come up with proper solutions. When we plan, we need to try and look to the Dark Side, it may be taboo yet this is how […]

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