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13 Skills You NEED to Survive the Coming Collapse

December 27, 2018

In this video I provide a comprehensive overview of skills you will need to have to survive the coming collapse (economic collapse, global conflict, EMP, Natural disasters etc). Self-reliant lifestyle is a must for long term grid down survival and it will require a mastery of at least familiarity with the following skill sets.  


5 Stages to Becoming a Prepper

December 20, 2018

Why do some people never become preppers? What is the thought process that happens that make people start to prep? Thats the topic of this video! CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE (BEST PRICES ON PREMIUM GEAR) Bugout Rolls & Backpacking Systems Emergency Radios Freeze Dried Food (Long lasting survival food) Personal Protective Equipment […]


PGP037: Skills, and a change in Format, less politics and more prepping

March 30, 2016

90 year old with a rifle setting on her porch.  this generation knew how to survive because they had basic skills.Skills:  Changing my format to more prepping and fewer politics, we will still discuss politics a Little as it pertains to the subject but not an entire show.