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Community Stories: Akuna Hikes

November 12, 2018

Presented By: Merrell: https://www.merrell.com/US/en/home Follow Akuna: https://www.instagram.com/akunahikes/?hl=en Hailing from New Orlean’s Louisiana Will Robinson, enlisted in the US Army at age 22. At the time, serving was his life line, a way out of trouble. After 5 years of service in Iraq Will was discharged with injuries sustained to both knees a fused wrist and […]


Community Stories: Let’s Talk

October 1, 2018

Chris Andrews walked 3,200 miles across the United States to research the effects of digital overuse on our wellbeing. His spiritual and social journey challenges Americans to reimagine their relationship with technology and find balance in the digital age. This film meets Chris in Joshua Tree National park after 2,900 miles on the road. His […]


Community Stories: The Creek Sessions

September 25, 2018

Nature has a rhythm – it just takes one to tune into it. Jess Kilroy – musician, climber and conservationist – travels to wilderness areas around the West creating music from the natural sounds she finds there, with the goal of sparking people’s love for these wild lands.

The Creek Sessions follows Jess on a sensory journey to create music in Utah’s Indian Creek, wooing us with the splendor of the desert, and reminding us that wild places are worth protecting not simply for their landscapes, but for their soundscapes too.

Learn more at Chaco’s landing page: https://www.chacos.com/IndianCreek

Brought to you by: Chaco @chacofootwear
Produced By: Stept Studios @steptstudios
Director: Tahria Sheather @tahriasheather
Executive Producer: Lindsey Hagen @linze3
Cinematographer & Editor: Chris Naum @chris_naum