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The Prepper Guy Podcast Anniversary | PGP052

April 5, 2017

Anniversary, Hows That?It’s like this, 52 weeks in a year, so 52 Episodes equals an ​Anniversary, even if it took more than a year, it’s not like I’m saying this is my one year Anniversary.My goal was to do a show every week, then, out of nowhere, Life and Murphy’s Law caught up with me.  So, […]


72 Hour Bug-out Challenge, Challenge Accepted | PGP48

September 21, 2016

72-hour-bug-out-challenge is a new Challenge that makes you the Star of this show. No casting, No audition videos, just do it and record it.The 72 Hour Bug-out Challenge asks, Have you ever wanted, or DREAMED to be on a survival show like “Naked and Afraid”?


PGP041: Diet, Carbohydrates and Diabetes

April 27, 2016

Diet, Carbohydrates and Diabetes, Yes carbohydrates raise insulin levels because they turn into Blood Sugar once eaten. This will cause your body to store fat, and not Burn it as energy.This is why Ranchers send their cattle to Feed Lots and why Moonshiners have used grains and starches for decades to make Whiskey .  It takes Sugar to […]


PGP018 Diet & Planning To Move Laterally Step 2

November 11, 2015

Diet & Planning “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”  Yogi BerraSummary:   This Episode is all about deciding on the direction you will take, move left or right.  We covered Mindset and how it has brought us to the point of taking the first step into camping or Hiking. […]


PGP017 Learning Survival and Prepping the Easy Way-The Starting Point

November 4, 2015

One of the Easiest ways to launch into Prepping to survive…Go Camping and have Fun!Summary:   This Episode is based on the Larger Issues of Preparing to Survive a Bad Situation.  These issues cannot be discussed with simple Talking Points or a Bumper Sticker discussion.  


PGP015: 3 Easy Steps to Kick-Start Your SHTF Plan

October 21, 2015

When you accept that SHTF can happen, you can make a Plan.I have found that there are hundreds of reason we should all Prepare and thousands of SHTF scenarios to Plan for. Limited nuclear war, Chemical or Biological attacks, Infrastructure failures and Weather, good old Mother Nature.  


PGP008: Naked and Afraid XL The take away from this awesome show

September 2, 2015

Naked and Afraid is awesome, Naked and Afraid XL is even better.Summary:Not trying to be an Armchair Quarterback here, but we can all learn a great deal from shows like this if we pay attention to the dynamics of the people and these groups.


PGP003: A look at Politics and the Constitution

July 21, 2015

So they Swore an Oath to the Constitution, or Not!Summary:   We look into the reasons why we need to be prepared and for starters we must take a look at Politics.  If the people we elect, through malice or just stupidity bring about collapse or breakdown of society, will you be ready?  We as Americans […]

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