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YouTube monetization: Using YouTube for Profit and Free Hosting | PGP056

January 6, 2018

YouTube Monetization: Using YouTube for Profit and Free Hosting – PGP056YouTube Monetization: I may not make good videos, but I do know how much money advertisers are willing to pay for views. Knowing what a Company is willing to pay you for views is power, so become the “Talent” and work directly with sponsors and […]


Our coming Election | PGP049

October 27, 2016

This Election, will have consequences.This election is not about the First Women or the First Businessman, it’s about who will make your life better,  or kill your job?


PGP032: Social Media Friendship, You did not just Unfriend Me

February 24, 2016

Social Media Friendship, that’s what it’s all about, and haveing a Great Dialogue with those Friends far and near.Social Media Friendship is what it’s all about?  A more informative interactions, isn’t open and respectful dialogue the only reason to be on a particular social media website?