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PGP040: How to enjoy life after an EMP

April 20, 2016

Will You Survive an EMP?Everyone wishes for a simpler Life, maybe as a Mountain Man?As Preppers, we won’t know the answer to this question until after an EMP, if you’re still alive, then I guess the answer is yes, but the big question is what do you do to survive long-term after the power go […]


PGP037: Skills, and a change in Format, less politics and more prepping

March 30, 2016

90 year old with a rifle setting on her porch.  this generation knew how to survive because they had basic skills.Skills:  Changing my format to more prepping and fewer politics, we will still discuss politics a Little as it pertains to the subject but not an entire show.


PGP028: In Honor of Oregon standoff spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

January 27, 2016

Oregon standoff spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, KILLED.Here is the Man that was Fighting for Your Freedom and Liberty. Killed By Someone We Paid to Protect All Of Us.                                              State Police?For Weeks, I have watched live Feeds […]


PGP018 Diet & Planning To Move Laterally Step 2

November 11, 2015

Diet & Planning “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”  Yogi BerraSummary:   This Episode is all about deciding on the direction you will take, move left or right.  We covered Mindset and how it has brought us to the point of taking the first step into camping or Hiking. […]


PGP016: America Like The Titanic, Will Sink

October 28, 2015

In America, the Game is Fixed, if it was sports would still be a Fan? How could you stay a Fan if you knew the outcome of the next 5 or 10 Superbowl’s?  Could you stay excited about the Game? and how could you enjoy the challenge with that Knowledge?  Well, you might start a local team […]


PGP003: A look at Politics and the Constitution

July 21, 2015

So they Swore an Oath to the Constitution, or Not!Summary:   We look into the reasons why we need to be prepared and for starters we must take a look at Politics.  If the people we elect, through malice or just stupidity bring about collapse or breakdown of society, will you be ready?  We as Americans […]


PGP 001: Welcome to The Prepper Guy Podcast

July 9, 2015

Summary: Welcome and IntroductionTopics that I will discuss in upcoming podcasts and how I hope to cut through the chatter in regards to Prepping vs actually being Prepared


Wise Bug-out Plan

April 15, 2015

A Bug out Plan Includes!”A wise Bug out plan” as with all my advice, is a concept that deals with a  decision making paradigms that will be hard to change, and even harder to understand and get our heads around.  


Everyday Carry for Everyday Survival

April 12, 2015

Everyday Carry for Everyday Survival What will you be wearing when the Sh!t hits the Fan?I tend to exclude stuff in the car or truck from everyday carry because what if your car-pooling or on a jog?  I have read hundreds of articles on this subject and some get it right and some get it wrong, get this wrong […]