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PG Vlog 12/04/17

Some thoughts on Budget Bushcraft Kits from your local Dollar Stores. Don't cheap-out on your survival gear.

Family Matters and Budget Bushcraft | PGP055

Family MattersThe point of Family Matters Podcast is to point out how we can teach our children how to make prepping items and still save money. Most Good Starter items can …

PGP005: SHTF or just “Shit Happens”?

What if everything you Prepped for, SHTF, never happens the way you thought?The slow-motion collision is happening, we have hit the iceberg, we can hear the crushing metal and feel …

PGP002: Why I’m a Minimalist Prepper

Summary:Thinking back over my 40 years following High School graduation in 1973,  I thought the world as I know it was going to end.  The World Didn't End because here we …