Pre-loaded SHTF Flash Drives


SHTF Flash Drive,16 GB comes loaded with 12 sections and 1 for your personal info and a checklist.  See the description below for more information.

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  1. Personal information-Checklist to help get everything you might miss
  2. Shelter-3 PDFs, 1 video
  3. Fire-7 PDFs
  4. Water-1 PDF
  5. Food-19 PDFs, 1 video
  6. First-Aid-11 PDFs encluding Dental and Medical
  7. Security-6 PDFs and 2 Printable Targets, 1 video
  8. Navigation-5 PDFs
  9. Rebuilding Society-7 PDFs or eBooks
  10. Manuals-23 PDFs
  11. Hygiene-3 PDFs
  12. Fuel & Power-6 PDFs
  13. Mics-17 PDFs, 6 videos


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