Save Our Republic

Do you want to be part of the Greatest Movement Never Seen?  Today, we have the capacity to make movies, friends or money, to spread  our ideas, to build community or build up movements.

Same Game, New Rules

If we look at the leviathan of Government through the lens of Star Trek's Kobayashi Maru a No-Win situation, yes, this is a Star Trek analogy that most Trekkies will understand quickly, we can find similarities.   For American Patriots,  we should not fight the very thing that we created, we must reprogram it so we win, like Kirk did in Star Trek.  

It is a system that has become corrupted, and infected with viruses and malware, and as such, we are the only ones that can remove the corrupted files.  Captain Kirk passed the test by changing the rules, and by programming the enemy ships to be afraid of him, we too must change, and reprogram the rules.  Government must fear us, or we will remain under tyrannical rule, but when governments fear the people, there is liberty,


So here are some reasons we need to think about our Republic * SOR003
Is Antifa the Problem, what about MAGA Hats, or Black Lives Matter? All of these are not Problems, just symptoms[...]
The Truly Insidious Nature of Red Flag Laws- KrisAnne Hall, JD
This is a live presentation just how deeply the Red Flag Laws impact our Liberty - so much more than a "2nd Amendment Issue" What we don't know will enslave our children. #LibertyFirst
Save Our Republic-Overview | SOR002 07/16/19
We Are The Change We Have Been Waiting For. I hate to give credit to a Socialist, community organizer like our last President Obama But, we are. If we as patriotic Americans don't do something other than piss and moan what good are we?  There are things we can do to change things, lots of things, but we must Stand and get in the fight. Here is my Simple Plan, or an overview at least, the next few podcasts will cover some of the Players we need in this new game of whack-a-mole.  This time though, we are not the moles that get whacked. Most of my podcasts are Rated (R) If bad language offends your sensibilities, by all means, go back down to your parent's basement.
I have a Plan to save our Republic | SOR001 06/11/19
...and no! it is not illegal, hell you won't even have to make stupid signs or go anywhere far away from home. This is a localized plan and will work, but we will need to get a little organized, but just a little. Most of my podcasts are Rated (R) If bad language offends your sensibilities, by all means, go back down to your parent's basement.

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Sheriff Mack had the courage to stand for the independence of county sheriffs and defended the Constitution, and the Supreme Court agreed with him! In 1994 Sheriff Mack took a courageous stand to defend the U S Constitution and the autonomy of Sheriffs against the Clinton administration. His lawsuit and subsequent victory at the Supreme Court proved once and for all that the Sheriff is indeed the ultimate law enforcement authority in his county an in this country. He is not a bureaucrat and he does not answer to one. He answers to his boss, the citizens. The Sheriff is the employee of the people and exists to serve and protect them in all matters.


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