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Ruger PC Carbine: Not Much We Don’t Like

October 18, 2018

So why do we have a Ruger 9mm chambered carbine again? The previous M1 Carbine-looking Ruger PC9 was not exactly a success. The answer might lie within this GRV….little Nutnfancy insight of how marketing works in the gun world. But then we get down to business of reviewing the PC Carbine and what it’s about. You will see lots of in field action with this modernized PC Carbine, able to take Glock magazines. With a suppressor the PC Carbine shot smooth and sure. Accuracy, SAWC, reliability, value, and options are covered…as is interesting philosophy. For instance is this a product improved version of the Marlin Camp Carbine, something I had called for in that review (https://youtu.be/aYpali93Mv0)? Could be!

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