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PGP102 Book Review “The Rescue”

September 16, 2020

This is kind of a book review, if you know me I don’t do much of a review, but some books just get me thinking, this is one of them.


The Rift and some more thoughts on the Overton Window | PGP084

October 28, 2019


The Rift is another Great Book I am listening to by Walter Jon Williams. What I find so interesting is his use of old correspondence from the 1800s. Each section has a short reading from one of these, and what I liked was how people wrote to one another “Back in the day” with no agendas or placing blame.
Plus what we are seeing right now with this upcoming election is the moving of our Overton Window. This is cool because you can watch how it is used and what the outcome will be when one candidate wins.
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Back Pain, My take on Religion, and a partial Book Review || PGP077

July 16, 2019

So I hurt my back this weekend and thought I would discuss what I have learned about lower back pain over the years. The Disc was not herniated, so I was able to self treat the problem.

During my time on the floor dealing with that I got to listen to Mark Levin and Pastor Haggy, I got to thinking about religion and wanted to chat about that for a bit.

Also a quick partial Book Review on Book 3 of “The Commune” Series. link to The Commune


How our enemies plan to destroy America.

June 12, 2016

A short trailer for my New Book, Will You Survive an EMP?
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Please watch: “4th Of July”