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Leave a Question for the PG Q&A Show on Contra Radio Network

How to...

Remember that all voice and audio questions will need your permission to be on Air, so PLEASE state in your recording that we have your permission to do so.  If we don't hear to Magic Words we will read or paraphrase your question instead.

  • Introduce yourself.  and tell us a little about why you have the question
  • You get a Shameless Plug allowance, so tell our viewers where we can find you on Facebook, YouTube or your Blog.
  • We will try to edit out any ahhh's, and You Know's, to help us all sound more professional, so try to record in a quite place and with as good as possible sound quality
  • Thank You, and be Polite.

Do you have lots of questions?

If so, and you would like to do an interview type Q&A for your YouTube Channel, just Ask.  mark@prepperguy.com

Watch PG Q&A 1 that I did with Joe from Prepper in the Woods to see how that was done to get an idea.  Joe sent me the questions and I read them as I recorded the interview.  I sent him the mp4 file and he ask the questions again that I had answered on his video camera, and then edited into what you see in this video here...