Prophylactic or Sling Shot? INFIELD TEST

December 19, 2018

Break time in shooting work, Sean and I take out a Pocket Shot and see if this thing sucks or not. It is a replacement for a standard slingshot, featuring lightweight plastic circular frame holding a rubber pocket. It’s advantage would be primarily SAWC for BOK kits. BUT let’s shoot this thing first and see how it does. PS probably sent some of these out for free to outdoor gear/gun TNP-clone channels and there are positive reviews on it. For playing around at the house, especially with the Mini Pocket Shot, they’re pretty fun. But can you count on this thing to kill small game?! We get to the truth here…

Pocket Shot in Amazon: (I actually do not recommend you buy one unless for goofing off at the house or campground)
Nutnfancy Favorite Slingshots, much more preferred:

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