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The Mark Boyle Show S1E7 Red Flag Laws

December 16, 2018

When we allow these Red Flag Laws to Steel our Rights in the name of Safety, we will have neither Rights or Safety.  Stop letting Politicians to violate their Oaths of Office!!! Click to Tweet


Prepper in the Woods ask me some questions | PG Q&A 001

September 6, 2018

This is the first of many Question&Answer’s where I get to answer questions submitted from viewers and other YouTube Creators. Joe, from Prepper in the Woods asks me some questions and I get to share me thoughts on Prepping and some first step you can do if you are New to this whole Prepping Thing.Joe has […]


Prepper Guy VidCast | EMP Series Wrap-up | EMP’s Can Happen

July 11, 2018

This is a Start of a Video style Podcast, I will still be doing the podcast on Itunes as well, but I like this format too. Today we wrap-up the EMP Series with some thoughts on why I feel that an EMP is the SHTF Event that could do the trick, and bring down America […]


Bisbee, Lowell, and Warren Arizona

July 4, 2018

The History of this area is so beautiful to see, ride along as we discuss some of the changes these towns have gone through over the years.


07/02/18 Update | FJ40 Project | Pets cost Money, Lots of $$$

July 2, 2018

Not much has been done, had some Pet Issues. We did manage to pour some concrete for a driveway, so now I don’t have to crawl around in the dirt.Shout-out to Colorado Biker Prepper for some good solid advice.Pets cost Money, Lots of $$$ Due to our little Maddy hurting her back, work on the […]

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