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PGP 118 || The End is Nigh, I mean Now

February 12, 2021

1 Central planning never worked, ask Hitler
2 They’re watching you through the tech we paid for, laugh is on us.
3 Gerrymandering, 17th Amendment, Congress oh my
4 The Globalists want to kill off 6 billion people, but if we suggest killing the 1 million jerk-weeds wrecking the world we are the crazies.


Therapy Report – Obedience Training || PGP117 – 02 04 2021

February 5, 2021

Obedience Training, if you love or care about Freedom and Liberty…why the f#@k are you still wearing a Mask? We are always talking about “Window Dressing” but never the real issues. Prepper Guy Podcasts on Podbean Website Prepper Guy Homepage Prepper Guy Shop Prepper Guy Shop Contra Radio Network Most of my podcasts […]

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