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If all else fails, blame it on the Corona Virus PGP089

February 26, 2020

The debt bubble is getting ready to implode, markets are losing money and we are about to get screwed…again.

Because economists have failed to stop this impending Crash they plan on blaming it on the economic effects of the virus, better than going to war I guess.



January 7, 2020

We are now a Permission-Based Society

If you asked the American Founders what their view on the role of government was then, and compare it with our view today, you would see a stark difference.

American Constitution Begins by declaring explicitly that Liberty is a blessing, its commission was explicit that we are born with liberty and we create a government in part to protect Liberty, and when it violates that right, then we can overthrow the government if we have to in order to change it and protect our Liberty once again.

But gradual from the 1880s to the 1930s everybody started to believe that government exists to control what goes on in society, and that shift was done by the progressives.

It was done in various ways the most important one of which was the idea that rights are not natural rights, they are not something that we are entitled to, because we are human beings, but they belong to us because of Society, and to use those rights, We Must Ask Permission.


PGP87 Should I do Live Shows

December 13, 2019

Should I do Live Shows, what say my Subscribers?

I use StreamYard and I love the simplicity of their Platform.
More Info Here.

Honestly, I like the casual feel of Live Chats and think they are more inviting, so let me know your thoughts below.

Also a Quick Update on my house addition, and the City’s lame attempts to stop me, more videos to come.


Are You Thankful Yet? Thanksgiving 2019 | PGP086

November 23, 2019

Are You Thankful Yet?

3 Years of Trump Derangement Syndrome and I can answer that with a Big Fat NO!  I find that there isn’t crap to be thankful for, let me explain…

Prepper Guy

Red State Underground

Contra Radio Network


Most of my podcasts are Rated (R)
If bad language offends your sensibilities, by all means, go back down to your parent’s basement


Countdown until the 2020 presidential election | PGP084

October 28, 2019

The Rift is another Great Book I am listening to by Walter Jon Williams. What I find so interesting is his use of old correspondence from the 1800s. Each section has a short reading from one of these, and what I liked was how people wrote to one another “Back in the day” with no agendas or placing blame.

Plus what we are seeing right now with this upcoming election is the moving of our Overton Window. This is cool because you can watch how it is used and what the outcome will be when one candidate wins.


He Who Hesitates Is Lost | Know Thy Enemy | PGP082

August 17, 2019

Let’s take a look at why we hesitate, the 2 voices in our heads and why we need to reset.
Red Flag Laws and why they will only make things worse, not better, and the fallacy of the Fed’s Logic.


Hunkering Down in an Urban Area and Nutrition for Preppers

August 16, 2019

Hunkering Down in an Urban Area, and Nutrition for Preppers | PGP081 Same Shit, Different Hook Wrap Up

As you see there is no end to the misdirection the “experts” will use, to make every topic sound more important than it is, to get more views.

I’m not picking on anyone, I’m just using these lists as an outline to make a point.

1:41 Why have only 1 Bag, not 4 or 5 Different bags.
5:40 When do you come home after SHTF, or do you ever?
16:26 Urban Survival and their lists we can check out. Why would you ever want to put yourself in that type of situation?
34:00 Let’s talk about Food, Nutrition, and how it affects your longterm Survival.

Glycation Factor by Dr. Greg Ellis

Lies My Doctor Told Me

Most of my podcasts are Rated (R)

If bad language offends your sensibilities, by all means, go back down to your parent’s basement.


PGP080 Same Shit, Defferent Hook Pt 2

August 11, 2019

100 (useless) Items for your Bugout bag | PGP080 Same Shit, Different Hook Pt 2 This is my thoughts on a list from a notable Survival Blogger, in theory, the idea of a list is awesome, but what on that list is critical. Let’s take a look and see, shall we? Ammo Storage Video […]

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