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A Podcast is my way to avoiding typing, I am truly cerebral and love a deep conversation, so for me, a podcast is the best way to go down the rabbit hole.

Will You Stand | The Mark Boyle Show S2Ep4 | 01/27/19
It's not "Will You Stand" but where will you stand, that is the question?We have all seen the memes asking[...]
Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, Murdered 01/26/2016 by his, and our Government | January 18, 2019
The wrongful-death lawsuit filed in Portland of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum's death. The United States is listed as a defendant, along with the FBI, Oregon State Police, Gov. Kate Brown and others.
The Mark Boyle Show S1E7 12/16/18
​Join Mark Boyle, preparedness thinker, freedom loving, and nutritional purest on KYAH 540 AM and KNAK 1620 AM Utah's Talk Authority Channels.  With Expert[...]
The Mark Boyle Show | 12/09/18 | S1E6
WTF France, are their leaders so deaf they can hear what is going on outside their cushy palaces?  It is[...]
The Mark Boyle Show | 12/02/18 | S1E5
Awesome!!! I can't Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark[...]
The Mark Boyle Show | 11/25/18 | S1E4
Awesome!!! I can't Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark[...]
The Mark Boyle Show | 11/18/18 | S1E3
Awesome!!! I can't Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark[...]
The Mark Boyle Show | 11/10/18 | S1E2
Awesome!!! I can't Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark[...]
The Mark Boyle Show | 11/03/18 | S1E1
Awesome!!! I can't Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark[...]
Prepper Guy Is Going “RADIO”
Awesome!!! I can't Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark[...]
Is It Plausible? Listening to Dr. Pry | EMP Series pt 3 | PGP060
Dr. Peter Pry on Levin Mark Levin had one hell of an awesome Guest on his Show, Life, Liberty, and[...]
The Philosophy of Violence | EMP Series | PGP059
The Philosophy of Violence vi·o·lencebehavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Violence needs philosophy,[...]
Will you Survive an EMP | PGP058
Will You Survive An EMP "Another way to be prepared is to think negatively. Yes, I'm a great optimist. but,[...]
Doomsday Podcast Interview | PGP057
Doomsday Podcast Interview - My phone interview with Wendy John form the Doomsday Podcast, The Doomsday Podcast is from Australia and you will love the accent as well. Both Podcasts can be found here, I found the entire interview to be very Fun and Informative, so I'm posting both versions HERE...
YouTube monetization: Using YouTube for Profit and Free Hosting | PGP056
YouTube Monetization: Using YouTube for Profit and Free Hosting – PGP056 YouTube Monetization: I may not make good videos, but[...]
Family Matters and Budget Bushcraft | PGP055
Family MattersThe point of Family Matters Podcast is to point out how we can teach our children how to make[...]
Las Vegas Shooting, I wonder what is the Truth | PGP054
Las Vegas Shooting, I have a bad Feeling about this!There is those times when we have a gut reaction to[...]
Economics, War, and Prepping it is time for the Bloodletting | PGP053
Economics, War, and Prepping, why all this "Crazy Shit" matters.Economics, War, and Prepping, yes, Prepping.  I go off on a[...]
The Prepper Guy Podcast Anniversary | PGP052
Anniversary, Hows That?It's like this, 52 weeks in a year, so 52 Episodes equals an ​Anniversary, even if it took[...]
Don’t judge America based on the Constitutions lack of maintenance | PGP051
Like a fine automobile, if it is not kept in good working order does not mean the maker built a[...]
Fake News and Why I Just Don’t Care Anymore | PGP050
This is how it is supposed to work, This is a YouTube Podcast.
Our coming Election | PGP049
This Election, will have consequences.This election is not about the First Women or the First Businessman, it's about who will[...]
72 Hour Bug-out Challenge, Challenge Accepted | PGP48
72-hour-bug-out-challenge is a new Challenge that makes you the Star of this show. No casting, No audition videos, just do[...]
Sorry for Slacking | PGP047
I know, I was Slacking!Truly sorry for Slacking, and the Time Lapse, there is no excuse, but a Giant Thanks[...]
Orlando Fl. and the Mess our Politicians Made | PGP046
Orland Fl. Everyone is talking crap about Guns.But what about human life in Orlando, and the 2nd Amendment. LGBT...Buy a[...]
PGP045: 2 Life Saving Tips for Ramadan and your Safety
Life-Saving Tips for Ramadan and your Safety, how to deal with concerns, not paranoia. It's your life so think before[...]
PGP044: The Promises we Make and Chose to Break
Promises, be slow to make them and quick to keep them. These are comments you make and are what people[...]
PGP043: Calories Count, it’s your body’s fuel but you need to add the right amount
Calories Count, Calories are the bodies fuel and before you go on a road trip you must fill your tank.[...]
PGP042: Our kids, Family, and what matters most
Family's matter, and how we raise our children is important, but keeping then safe is a Priority. Family, is forever but[...]
PGP041: Diet, Carbohydrates and Diabetes
Diet, Carbohydrates and Diabetes, Yes carbohydrates raise insulin levels because they turn into Blood Sugar once eaten. This will cause your[...]
PGP040: How to enjoy life after an EMP
Will You Survive an EMP?Everyone wishes for a simpler Life, maybe as a Mountain Man?As Preppers, we won't know the[...]
PGP039: Bravado vs Knowledge, All in how you say it.
Bravado vs Knowledge, The words we say and our actions in a new lifestyle will set the tone as far[...]
PGP038: Number One Reason to Start Prepping Now
Number One Reason to Start Prepping Now is because tomorrow may be too late for your Family and others counting[...]
PGP037: Skills, and a change in Format, less politics and more prepping
90 year old with a rifle setting on her porch.  this generation knew how to survive because they had basic[...]
PGP036: I’m Losing Hope in America and the Politicians that are running this Country into the ground.
Losing Hope due to the Corruption in Oregon.  During the Standoff the Governor had an agenda. The Sheriff spent his[...]
PGP035: The 4 Steps to Prepping an Overview and Review
Prepping as a child, not so much, I do remember camping with extended family, cousins, Aunts and Uncles, all the[...]
PGP034: Elect Me, I’m your Guy, just look at my Record
Elect Me President, I did nothing for my State as far as Freedom and Liberty, I wasted time Talking, but[...]
PGP033: Intent of the Constitution, and how your Local Sheriff can save America from Revolution.
The most Important part of this is our Local Sheriff, that one Elected Official is the Key to regaining our[...]
PGP032: Social Media Friendship, You did not just Unfriend Me
Social Media Friendship, that's what it's all about, and haveing a Great Dialogue with those Friends far and near.Social Media[...]
PGP031: Internet Property Rights, Oath Keepers and some History
Internet Property Rights, Do You Care? Oath Keepers and The Three Percenters, Will They Make A Difference? What Can We[...]
PGP030: When you dont stand for Freedom you’ll Fall for Tyranny
Standing against Tyranny isn't a call to Arms but a Call to Action. We Must get involved in anyway possible,[...]
PGP029: Constitutionality, What is and is Not
That, that is, Is, that, that is not, is not. So What Is Constitutionality? What Can We Do?So what is[...]
PGP028: In Honor of Oregon standoff spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum
Oregon standoff spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, KILLED.Here is the Man that was Fighting for Your Freedom and Liberty. Killed By Someone We[...]
PGP027: BLM a Bunch of Lying Miscreants or Bureau of Land Management?
Who Is This Guy? He listened to the 3 Percenters with Contempt, wearing no FBI markings, & No Headset. Then[...]
PGP026: Supporting the Oregon protesters, Pick a Side and Stand
So This Is What the Media is Calling the "Oregon Protesters" in Oregon and an "Occupation of a Federal Building".Summary: Call[...]
PGP025: Happy New Year, Maybe Not So Much?
2016 Happy New Year, what does this new year have in store for us?A New Year, hope it will it be[...]
PGP024: GOP Debate, Wars and Rumors of War
Wars, Rumors of War, Sounds Just Peachy...RightPunch Russia in the Nose ?Summary:   This Show I take some of the[...]
PGP022: Design Your Diet and Take control, EZ weight loss Diet
Designing your Diet starts with asking yourself,Why do I eat the Foods I eat?...Summary:  I have a hard time typing[...]
PGP021: Re-branding of America, Things that Should Matter
The Re-branding of America, Our values.Does it matter in the least bit or should we just accept the Status quo?What[...]
PGP020: Thanksgiving and Wrap-up Part 4
The First Thanksgiving & A quick Wrap-up on PreppingThis is the last of our series on Prepping and the 4 steps to[...]
PGP019 Hunting or Gardening, it’s your Choice Part 3
Hunting Vs. Gardening, Eating The Competition...Summary:   This Episode we discuss the Gear and Knowledge required for either choice of[...]
PGP018 Diet & Planning To Move Laterally Step 2
Diet & Planning “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”  Yogi BerraSummary:   This Episode[...]
PGP017 Learning Survival and Prepping the Easy Way-The Starting Point
One of the Easiest ways to launch into Prepping to survive...Go Camping and have Fun!Summary:   This Episode is based on[...]
PGP016: America Like The Titanic, Will Sink
In America, the Game is Fixed, if it was sports would still be a Fan? How could you stay a Fan[...]
PGP015: 3 Easy Steps to Kick-Start Your SHTF Plan
When you accept that SHTF can happen, you can make a Plan.I have found that there are hundreds of reason[...]
PGP014: Socialism-The Dream that is The Nightmare
Socialism is sold as a Dream, but is a Nightmare in reality.This is by far my longest Podcasts and the[...]
PGP013: The Court of Public Opinion and Elections
How in Elections, we become Judge, Jury and Executioner!For an example, we'll apply some courtroom rules to a comment made[...]
PGP012: Social Issues and thoughts
Social Issues and thoughtsWe look at the CNN Debate and what is maybe, the takeaway if any from that Schoolyard brawl.[...]
PGP011: Backpacks & Frames, A Beginners Guild and what to look for
3 Things to Think about when Buying Backpacks.If you are new to Being Prepared, or should I say Getting Prepared,[...]
PGP010: Conspiracy Theories aughh!!!
911 Conspiracy Theories and your "Freak Flag" on 911Summary:   911 Conspiracy Theories and why bringing it up on this[...]
PGP009: If you fail to plan, You plan to fail
If you fail to plan, You plan to fail, it's that simpleSummary:   A quick look into why thinking negatively[...]
PGP008: Naked and Afraid XL The take away from this awesome show
Naked and Afraid is awesome, Naked and Afraid XL is even better.Summary:Not trying to be an Armchair Quarterback here, but we[...]
PGP007: Alone Finale, History Channel has A Winner
The Alone Finale was AwesomeThere is a great take away from this show, you can survive Alone with just you[...]
PGP006: Losing Weight and not finding it again
Losing Weight and not finding it againThe art of Losing weight isn't an art at all, it's science, diet and[...]
PGP005: SHTF or just “Shit Happens”?
What if everything you Prepped for, SHTF, never happens the way you thought?The slow-motion collision is happening, we have hit[...]
PGP004: How did taxpayers become losers?
How did taxpayers become the losers?Summary:   Let us take a trip in the "Way Back Machine" to find the[...]
PGP003: A look at Politics and the Constitution
So they Swore an Oath to the Constitution, or Not!Summary:   We look into the reasons why we need to[...]
PGP002: Why I’m a Minimalist Prepper
Summary:Thinking back over my 40 years following High School graduation in 1973,  I thought the world as I know it[...]
PGP 001: Welcome to The Prepper Guy Podcast
Summary:Welcome and IntroductionTopics that I will discuss in upcoming podcasts and how I hope to cut through the chatter in[...]

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