PGP044: The Promises we Make and Chose to Break

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Promises, be slow to make them and quick to keep them. These are comments you make and are what people judge you by if you don't keep them, this is your integrity.

Sure, I'll help you move, promis I'll pick that up, I will or I won't, I'll get to that tomorrow, these words are our  Promises.

If you are a Person of your Word, then a handshake is all that is needed, if not, No contract is long enough.


Sorry for the Delay

In this Episode we touch on:

  • Why I dropped the ball on last weeks podcast
  • How we are to fast to make promises and slow to keep them, we need to be the other way around
  • We trust people to keep their word, and when they don't, it screws up our Plans
  • Do unto others AS we would have them do unto us, this is how we learn principles without all the religious stuff, if you don't like, it don't do it too others.

"Offering Focus and Clarity To Reluctant Preppers For What Matters Most"

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Mark Boyle

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Mark Boyle

Every decision we make should err on the side of adaptability whether at work or at home, join a gym or take up hiking? The food we eat, should we grow it or hunt it? The decision-making paradigm we have chosen in life will determine the outcome of the crap-fest that may come our way, a job loss, medical problems, power outage from a storm, or even a zombie apocalypse. Therefore, every goal we set, skill we acquire, and piece of gear we purchase should be thought out, and truly fit our need to Survive.

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