April 6, 2016

PGP038: Number One Reason to Start Prepping Now

by Mark Boyle
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Number One Reason to Start Prepping Now is because tomorrow may be too late for your Family and others counting on You.

Things can go south Real Fast, but being truly Ready can take some time, time you might not have.  Lucky for you, if you practice Minimalist Prepping now, the time is shortened dramatically before The Ballon goes up.


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There are things we can do to be ready and start prepping now for all thing Bad, the 3 Principles can get everyone on the right path.  Mindset is a life long adventure, Skills are the things we learn along the way, and Gear is all the Cool stuff we acquire over time. Mindset and Skills will save your life more times than Gear ever will.

In this Episode we touch on:

  • Prepping and Politics are intertwined and can't be separated without wrecking the recipe.
  • No matter your hobby, politics will screw it up for you, Trail Closures, Parks understaffed, National Parks are over regulated etc.
  • When you know the Game is Fixed, it is no longer fun to Play or Bet on the Game, the outcome is already set, and the winner has been picked, and it's not us.
  • Can't we all just get on the Same Page? No, I don't Agree with your Page, his sucks, we can't come together when we are so far apart
  • How did we become, or allow ourselves to become, so Dumbed-Down? Except my listeners.
  • My preps are based on Skill, not Stuff, skills in building, fishing, shooting, not Tons of canned Food.
  • When you are a Minimalist your reaction time is faster because you won't Hesitate and Pause worrying about all your stuff, just Grab and Go. 

Politics are the Reason we will need to start Prepping Now, there is a plan and "We the People" are not a variable in their equation.  On America's current trajectory, we will be living in a "Hunger Games" world in the very near future.  People like Sanders  and Hillary will take us there much faster than Trump or Cruz, but that is the destination.  Maybe those 4 Candidates don't know this is a fact, but they are either being used or playing along to get along.

Hillary is a Progressive , that is a very dangerous thing for a Free People.  American Politics have been going in a Progressive Direction for decades and America is in worst shape than 80 years ago.

Sanders is and has said he is a Socialist, Socialism has failed so many times in history that I am amazed that he is even in the Race for President.  Ask yourself how can Sander even swear an Oath to the Constitutional Republic as a Socialist?

Cruz is a Canadian , by his words, not mine, he was born in Canada and not Natural Born, he is naturalized citizen but not Natural Born.  I find this level of hypocrisy to be astounding since he is Supposed to be a Constitutional Lawyer.  I call Bullshit.

Trump is a businessman and not a politician, which I find refreshing on so many levels,  I don't know what is in his heart and what he will do once in office, but the same can be said about all the candidates.  I do know that Politicians have Screwed things up for at least 100 years, so, WTF, give him a chance I guess.

"Offering Focus and Clarity To Reluctant Preppers For What Matters Most"

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