March 23, 2016

PGP036: I’m Losing Hope in America and the Politicians that are running this Country into the ground.

by Mark Boyle

Losing Hope due to the Corruption in Oregon.  During the Standoff the Governor had an agenda. The Sheriff spent his time hiding under his desk and the judge is in Bed with both of them.


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Summary:   These are the things that are discussed in this Episode and some talk about what we can do about this infringment of our rights from the Federal Bullies.

In this Episode we touch on:

  • The Oregon Governor is Corrupt and involved in the Land Grab for profit, not the people
  • Burns County Sheriff is Corrupt and will not honor his oath for the same reasons 
  • Judge Grasty of Burns Oregon is an idiot and also Corrupt for the same reasons
  • I have read the 600 plus emails from the stand-off and was sickened by the level of selfishness
  • The Governor was more concerned about the appearance of a Peacefull resolution than actually working out a Peacefull Resolution with the Bundys.
  • They talked, emailed, phone called and had meeting with everyone but those involved The Protesters
  • This is how Socialism Starts and Ends, Government Controlling all means of Production, Manufacturing, Mining, Farming, Transportation and the Media...and We Lose all those things
  • Don't believe me, just Google it
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Even the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association sided with the Governor and not the People's Rights 

Stating, in paragraph 4, that the FBI has Jurisdiction over the matter, this is so faults and shows how much liberty we lose when those Sworn to Protect our Rights chose not to.  The Sheriff Has more Power In His County Than The President Of The United States. SCOTUS

Losing hope1

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