PGP035: The 4 Steps to Prepping an Overview and Review

Prepping with family

Prepping as a child, not so much, I do remember camping with extended family, cousins, Aunts and Uncles, all the fun we had, but I don't remember all the so called teaching moments. So we must teach while they, our youngins, are having fun, Make it Fun.


If you are Reluctant to the Idea of Prepping or just starting to prepare for bad times that may creep into your life, this is for you, and your Family.

In this Episode we touch on:

  • We re-cap Episodes 17,18,19, and 20
  • Discuss the importance of getting out and Just Starting
  • Teach your children young, the importance of good nutrition and help them understand why.
  • Make every Camp trip an adventure, full of fun and challenges.
  • Guild them into better hobbies like hiking or BMX, it cost less then Sports and the gear last a lifetime.
  • Don't make it about your goals or fears of the impending Doom, even though it may be.
  • Basically, take them on a Zombie Hunt, not another Camping trip.

For your Viewing Pleasure and Furthering the Education of "We the People"

Episode 17 and 18 on YouTube

"Offering Focus and Clarity To Reluctant Preppers For What Matters Most"

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Mark Boyle

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Mark Boyle

Every decision we make should err on the side of adaptability whether at work or at home, join a gym or take up hiking? The food we eat, should we grow it or hunt it? The decision-making paradigm we have chosen in life will determine the outcome of the crap-fest that may come our way, a job loss, medical problems, power outage from a storm, or even a zombie apocalypse. Therefore, every goal we set, skill we acquire, and piece of gear we purchase should be thought out, and truly fit our need to Survive.

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