January 20, 2016

PGP027: BLM a Bunch of Lying Miscreants or Bureau of Land Management?

by Mark Boyle
BLM Buildup

Who Is This Guy? He listened to the 3 Percenters with Contempt, wearing no FBI markings, & No Headset. Then shows up later ARMED... Spook, trouble maker or a Provocateur?

Is The BLM The Bureau of Land Management?

Or A Bunch of Lying Miscreants?


Legal Mandates relating to Public Lands Grazing Laws that apply to the BLM management of public lands.  Grazing and all of these Laws are Federal laws and have no legal authority in ANY State.

  • Taylor Grazing Act of 1934
  • National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
  • Endangered Species Act of 1973
  • Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976
  • Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978

Fact: federal agencies do not have state powers. Due to the Constitution’s structure of dual sovereignty, the feds, BLM, have no authority to enforce state laws. Furthermore, states cannot be compelled to enforce federal laws.

In 1994, the Tenth Amendment was reaffirmed by the Court when Sheriff Mack and Printz sued the Clinton Administration. The opinion in Mack and Printz v. United States stated, “The Framers rejected the concept of a central government that would act upon and through the States, and instead designed a system in which the State and Federal Governments would exercise concurrent authority over the people. The Federal Government’s power would be augmented immeasurably and impermissibly if it were able to impress into its service–and at no cost to itself–the police officers of the 50 States…Federal control of state officers would also have an effect upon the separation and equilibration of powers between the three branches of the Federal Government itself.”

The feds come in, trying to act all bad, grabbing jurisdiction. They do a little rooster dance, and the local LEO's always back down.  Before the Prohibition era, federal authorities would  have to come in and ask sheriffs to enforce their federal laws or even state laws in a sheriff’s jurisdiction. But when the 18th Amendment was ratified, it specified that” federal and state governments would have concurrent powers to enforce the ban on intoxicating beverages.” Now the feds assume the states will just enforce any “law” it comes up with. Today, every activity with a black market has a special little federal task force waiting to stop you.

One thing stands in the way: the sheriff! Not all states or counties have one, but the sheriff, an elected official, is usually known as the highest law enforcer of the county and has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official. The feds may have forgotten authority resides in the sheriff.

In this Episode we touch on:

  • The Fed's are losing Control and Power over the People, Their Sad and Crying like Babies.
  • The County Sheriff is on the Wrong side of this, and a Disgrace to His Oath.
  • Cruz and Rubio are taking the Fed's side and Proving that they are Not for the People.
  • The Protesters are making a Stand for Your Property Rights so support them or loose more Liberty.
  • BLM is failing to properly manege the Public lands based on Wildlife Statistics anyway.
  • This is nothing more than a Massive Land Grab, and an Injustice committed on the Hammond Family.
  • ALL of the Alphabet Soup Federal Agents should Leave the County and Stand Down.
  • ANY BLOOD will be on the Hands of the Federal Agents, and the County Sheriffs if anything goes Bad.

This is A GREAT Video Let's talk about what's going on in Malheur Oregon and take back the narrative.

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