January 6, 2016

PGP025: Happy New Year, Maybe Not So Much?

by Mark Boyle
PGP025: Happy New Year, Maybe Not So Much?

2016 Happy New Year, what does this new year have in store for us?

A New Year, hope it will it be Awesome? or will it be full of Broken Resolutions?​

I have told all my friends, 2 or 3, that for this new year, "I'm Prepared for any bad things life may through at me", I am a Prepper after all, so this New year I wanted to prep for things getting Awesome.


In this Episode we touch on:

  • Physio-History, It's an Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy thing
  • Some Trends and Why we should be looking at them
  • Why the Rich are willing and able to take your money
  • If the SHTF I will avoid the survival and Prepper Team mentality 
  • Social Issues and Problems may be ahead, keep your eyes open
  • How is it that only 2% Rule the remaining 98% of the world, Historically speaking
  • Think Locally and only worry about the Local Elections to cure the cancer in the Body-Politic
  • End times Prophecy and why America could be facing some bad times ahead
  • Thanks to all my Listeners from around the World and here in the USA too, Happy New Year

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This is A GREAT Video on the New Year 2016 Perdictions

Paul Craig Roberts and Gerald Celente Of Trends Journal 

I don't want to be a Doom and Gloomer, and I never Prep for all these Bad Prophecies, this is just a Podcast on some of the info out there.  It never hurts to look Outside the box and read any writings on the walls, we must always be alert and focused on the now with an eye on the future.

Well, Like I Said in the start of this, I'm ready for just about anything, and that is how I Prep, so what my plan for 2016 is to get ready for Awesome.  Awesome things in life, awesome things in the economy and just a Great year ahead.  That doesn't mean that I will go through the new year with my eyes wide shut.

"Offering Focus and Clarity To Reluctant Preppers For What Matters Most"

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