November 4, 2015

PGP017 Prepping 101 | Starting Point | pt 1

by Mark Boyle
Easy Survival Puzzle

One of the Easiest ways to launch into Prepping to survive...Go Camping and have Fun!

Summary:   This Episode is based on the Larger Issues of Preparing to Survive a Bad Situation.  These issues cannot be discussed with simple Talking Points or a Bumper Sticker discussion.  


If you are Reluctant to the Idea of Prepping or just starting to prepare for bad times that may creep into your life, this is for you.  I want to help those that may feel confused, or bewildered with the process completely.

I was a "Prepper" before it was even classified as lunacy, terrorism or even cool, depending on who you talk to.  In my 40 year journey, I have narrowed things down to what really matters, your Family and those you care about the most.

So, for now, stay away from the Hardcore, and Doom and Gloom Preppers​

  • Avoid Prophets of doom and the Over Zealous Survivalist.
  • Take up Camping or Hiking, this gets you into shape without joining a gym
  • As you Camp/Hike you will gain Skills and get some Cool-Ass Gear too
  • These Adventures into the Wild, will help you start your "List of Needs" based of you Family
  • Your Family will grow closer together and the Children will learn to be more Self Reliant
  • You, will become more Confident, and have Fun while learning to Prepare 

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

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