October 21, 2015

PGP015: 3 Easy Steps to Kick-Start Your SHTF Plan

by Mark Boyle

When you accept that SHTF can happen, you can make a Plan.

I have found that there are hundreds of reason we should all Prepare and thousands of SHTF scenarios to Plan for. Limited nuclear war, Chemical or Biological attacks, Infrastructure failures and Weather, good old Mother Nature.  


It's not about all the things we can see coming, it's about the things we can't see coming.  Personal or family catastrophic illness, Job loss, Coronal Mass Ejection, Bank closure, Crop failures, Drought leading to Water shortages.  So Yes, we need to get ready.

Luck is described this way, "When Opportunity meets Preparedness", so do you feel lucky? Well, Do yeah? The better question is, do you want to be one of the Lucky ones when the SHTF or Shit Hits The Fan?  If so then how?  If being prepared when opportunity Knocks makes you Lucky then if you Prepare now, when SHTF, you'll be one of the Lucky ones, get it?  Yep I know, sounds to easy, well I did say 3 easy steps, and yes some of Lifes mysteries are that simple.

  • First, decide that you need to get Prepared, pick a reason, there are thousands.  You're doing this for those you care about the most so get your Head around it and Start.
  • Second, take up camping it's fun and good for your family and yourself.  Camping will help you and yours get in shape, learn skills, and helps you start your "list of needs".
  • Third, learn Bushcraft, this will help you limit your need of costly equipment and teaches you the down and dirty basics.  Food, Water, Fire and Shelter, those are the basics by the way.

When we as humans panic, it is important to actually move, take action, doesn't matter what action, just action will break that immobility.  The thought of Prepping may seem daunting at first, but if we Start, that is the action needed to break the analysis paralysis.  Once we can decide that we have a need to prepare, then all that is left to do is Go Camping and start learning. 

I don't teach Camping or Bushcraft, but there are as many YouTube videos on these subjects as there are reasons to Prep.  Here are some below that I feel are NOT a waste of your time.

If you're like me, the above videos will get you started and you can grow from there.  As you start to camp you can expand your knowledge and grow in the areas that are important to you and your Family needs.

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

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