PGP013: The Court of Public Opinion and Elections

Published on October 7, 2015

How in Elections, we become Judge, Jury and Executioner!

For an example, we'll apply some courtroom rules to a comment made by one of the candidates for President, in this Elections Talking Points.  So let's look at the comment and how we should "Brake it Down" while using the Rules of Evidence that applies in most Courtrooms today.  


Granted we will need to establish the Rules before we go through our Day to Day lives gathering evidence from the staggering number of witnesses, the Media, Both Sides, facebook, and twitter.  

  • The Judge, that's You, must decide what is admissible in the trial
  • You decide if it Holds to the Rule of Law, that's The Constitution, by the way
  • Listen to All Sides, the Prosecution and the Defense, your Fav News, and less Fav News channel
  • Just because it's on facebook, Twitter ect. is it True or just another piece of the puzzle, Evidence
  • Do the Candidates have the Caricature and Integrity to stand against the Machine 
  • The Verdict will be the Election outcome

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

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