PGP012: Social Issues and thoughts

Published on September 30, 2015
Social Issues

Social Issues and thoughts

We look at the CNN Debate and what is maybe, the takeaway if any from that Schoolyard brawl.  Then move into Boarder issues and the "Broken ?" Immigration System, and some ideas on why it's not broke but inefficient at best.  Then off to the thoughts of Reparations and just what country should pay them.


In this Episode we touch on:

  • That was no Debate on CNN
  • Trump, Fiorina and Carson, oh my! what about the others?
  • Is our Boarder the Problem, or DC?
  •  If Immigrants won't wait in line then why have a Line at all?
  • Salvery or Human Trafficing
  • We bought a Product, but they Sold it, who are the Real Criminals?

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

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Social Issues
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