PGP003: A look at Politics and the Constitution

Published on July 21, 2015
So they Swore an Oath to the Constitution, or Not!

So they Swore an Oath to the Constitution, or Not!

Summary:   We look into the reasons why we need to be prepared and for starters we must take a look at Politics.  If the people we elect, through malice or just stupidity bring about collapse or breakdown of society, will you be ready?  We as Americans will be hard pressed to see anything coming because the media is not talking, the internet is full of T.M.I. (too much information) and most of us are too busy to even pay attention.


In this Episode we touch on:

  • Why Facebook is like reading bumper stickers
  • People won't change their Political, Religious or Dietary beliefs easily 
  • The machine is too large for anyone to ever make a change
  • Will you, me or anyone "Rock the Boat"? and at what cost to us and our families?
  • Unfortunately we our Caught up in our own Safty Nets
  • Americans don't really want Freedom...not really

All subjects are based on a Minimalist Mindset and point of view to help take the Scary out of all the "What if's" in life.

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