PGP002: Why I’m a Minimalist Prepper

Published on July 10, 2015
Why I'm a minimalist


Thinking back over my 40 years following High School graduation in 1973,  I thought the world as I know it was going to end.  The World Didn't End because here we all are, alive and well, I'm still a prepper, but now a Minimalist.


In this Episode we touch on in

  • The stuff that Can happen to us every day like getting lost or running out of Gas
  • Our EDC or Every Day Carry from the most overlooked items like clothing and shoes
  • Food and our dietary needs
  • Why I hate Carbs and Love meat, my food pyramid is meat, poultry and dairy
  • Learn to tinker and make stuff from nothing
  • Simple navigation and how to not be lost all the time

Ending sound byte from one of my favorite movies "13th Warrior"

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