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ACLU Just Doesn’t Get it: Good Morning Liberty 11-19-18

November 19, 2018

Since the election of Donald Trump, the ACLU has repeatedly decried the administration as being wrong, unjust, unconstitutional and even dangerous. It even recently called on Congress to limit the funding and power of the Department of Homeland Security. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin discusses what some would call a bizarre – the […]


Nullification Season Starts Now: Good Morning Liberty 11-14-18

November 17, 2018

They don’t want us doing this. But we’re doing it anyway, and we have been for years. “Nullification season” is what we call the time of year where most state legislatures are in session. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin covers some of first nullification bills to be introduced for 2019. There will be […]


2.5 Billion. Surveillance State Goes Wild: Good Morning Liberty 11-16-18

November 17, 2018

According to data release by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and MuckRock through public records requests from agencies, there have been “more than 2.5 -billion license plate scans in 2016 and 2017.” On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin talks about how the ALPR systems, how “99.5% of the license plates scanned were not under suspicion,” […]


“I am a Nullifier!”

November 9, 2018

A lot of people believe that nullification was a tool of slavers. But it was never used to support slavery. In fact, it was used to resist it.


Nullification Wins for Election 2018: Good Morning Liberty 11-07-18

November 7, 2018

While the partisan hackery has been on full display for Tuesday’s voting, the Democrat vs Republican political football wasn’t the only game in town. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin covers a number of ballot measures to set the foundation to nullify federal acts. People went to the polls in a number of states […]


Relying on Elections is a Bad Strategy: Good Morning Liberty 11-05-18

November 5, 2018

This week’s election – like every one in modern times – is being touted as a “critical” vote, or even the vote of a lifetime. But this is just propaganda from partisan hacks in both major parties. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin covers James Madison’s advice on how to deal with the federal […]


Birthright Citizenship and the Constitution: Good Morning Liberty 11-02-18

November 2, 2018

There’s at least one positive about people going crazy over a possible Trump executive order on birthright citizenship. Almost everyone – including people who usually hate the document – is focusing on the Constitution to make their case. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin covers TAC’s internal “debate” over the issue. That is, two […]


Drowning in Debt: Good Morning Liberty 10-31-18

November 1, 2018

The Republican “Party of Fiscal Responsibility” continues to rack up debt at a staggering rate. The U.S. Treasury plans to borrow another $425 billion in the final quarter of 2018, bringing total borrowing for the year to $1.34 trillion. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin covers this, plus the fact that Social Security – […]

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