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Bill of Rights Day and the Foundation of the Constitution: Good Morning Liberty 12-14-18

December 14, 2018

Dec 15, 2018 is the 227th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Michael Boldin covers how Thomas Jefferson – and others – had very strong views on what made up the foundation of the entire Constitution.

The 10th Amendment is the Foundation

The “Other” Preamble

Bill of Rights Day: A Day of Mourning

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TSA’s Dangerous Roadmap for Airport Surveillance : Good Morning Liberty 12-12-18

December 12, 2018

The Transportation Security Administration has set out an alarming vision of pervasive biometric surveillance at airports, which cuts against the right to privacy, the “right to travel,” and the right to anonymous association with others.

TSA’s Roadmap for Airport Surveillance Moves in a Dangerous Direction

US airport opens first fully biometric terminal

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20 Things Republicans Refused to Do: Good Morning Liberty 12-10-18

December 10, 2018

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With another Republican majority in Congress now come and gone – Michael Boldin takes a look at some of the things they could have done but didn’t do. Plus, James Madison’s federalism flip-flop gives us better strategy than relying on Washington D.C. to limit itself.

Laurence Vance: 20 Things Republicans Could Have Done but Didn’t

James Madison’s Federalism Flip-Flop



Thomas Jefferson on the General Welfare Clause

December 8, 2018

Thomas Jefferson rejected today’s version of the general welfare clause of the constitution, saying it would enable congress to “take possession of a boundless field of power” which would give it the means “to do whatever evil they please.”


Full Speed Ahead for Facial Recognition: Good Morning Liberty 12-05-18

December 5, 2018

Last week, the DHS published details of an SS plan to test the use of facial recognition around the White House and surrounding public streets. On today’s Good Morning liberty, host Michael Boldin covers this, plus its expanding use by the feds, local police and their corporate partners. SHOW LINKS: Secret Service Announces Test of […]


Creating “Gun Rights Sanctuary” Cities and States: Good Morning Liberty 12-03-18

December 3, 2018

With legislation pending to protect the right to keep and bear arms from federal infringement pending in Texas, and passed in a number of Oregon Counties, Michael Boldin compares them to what has worked elsewhere and where things need to go for liberty. SHOW LINKS: Texas Bill Would Set Foundation for a “Gun Rights Sanctuary […]


Federal Surveillance Backdoor in Facebook Messenger? Good Morning Liberty 11-30-18

November 30, 2018

The feds tried to order Facebook to secretly recode its messenger app to include a surveillance backdoor. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin covers just what happened, and what’s next. SHOW LINKS: ACLU Wants Release of Secret Court Order Demanding Facebook Build Surveillance Backdoor ACLU Seeks Secret Ruling That Stopped Feds From Hacking […]


Is concealed-carry really concealed? Thermal Imaging Surveillance: Good Morning Liberty 11-28-18

November 28, 2018

On a recent Good Morning Liberty covering surveillance tech like license plate readers and facial recognition, a viewer asked, “Can they detect a concealed firearm?” On today’s episode, host Michael Boldin talks about what he found – “technology for the battlefield” now available for law enforcement. Plus “constitutional carry” bills filed in two states. SHOW […]


Surveillance by “Stingray” Devices and What to do About it: Good Morning Liberty 11-26-18

November 26, 2018

Cell-site simulators, also known as Stingrays or IMSI catchers, are devices that masquerade as legitimate cell-phone towers, tricking phones within a certain radius into connecting to the device rather than a tower. On today’s Good Morning Liberty, Michael Boldin discusses these devices and steps to push back against their use in warrantless surveillance. SHOW LINKS: […]

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