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What to Eat Before a Run || REI

December 27, 2018

Your pre-run meal can help set you up for success, and the wrong food can make you miserable. Check out this video to learn what types of food to eat so that you’re fueled up and ready to go. To learn more about nutrition for running, check out our article: And check out our […]


Trail Running for Beginners || REI

December 24, 2018

Whether you’re looking for a way to shake up your running routine or are getting into running for the first time, trail running is an incredible way to experience your favorite outdoor spaces. In this video, Kelsey talks about what you need to know before you hit the trail. Check it out, then head into […]


How to Choose Bear Canisters || REI

December 20, 2018

All recreation areas have their own regulations for how to store your food at camp, and bear canisters are increasingly required for backpackers. Picking the best one for you comes down to a few factors like size, shape and how you open them. Check out the video to watch Miranda paw through your options, then […]


4 Ways to Set Up an Ultralight Tarp Shelter || REI

December 19, 2018

Tarp shelters offer backpackers an ultralight and versatile alternative to a tent. In this video, Miranda shows you four ways to set up your tarp. Check it out, then head into your local REI to find a shelter that works for you. Learn to tie a bowline knot here: Learn to tie a trucker’s […]

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