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DIY Custom Pages for Circa & Arc Planners Tutorial

December 13, 2018

Print Circa & Arc pages customized to your needs and craft the perfect planner. This tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on the supplies needed, how to set up your templates and takes you through the printing process. Now you can have the perfect planner.


Monthly Prepping & Chore Planner

December 11, 2018

I plan each month’s chore list — Prepping, Home Maintenance, Organize & Deep Clean, Outdoor & Garden and Food Preservation tasks — for the year. This helps keep me remember what needs to be done and helps make sure I accomplish the task.


Chicken Fallout: The Molt

December 6, 2018

It’s that time of the year again when my hens go through their annual molt. Here are some of my suggestions to ease the molting process for your backyard chickens.


Prepping Christmas Gift

December 4, 2018

Every year I give my children a prepping related Christmas gift. In previous years they received a Pandemic Kit, a First Aid Kit, Meals In a Jar bucket, EDC bags and a Lights Out kit, This year it is a Fire Prevention & Safety kit gift.


Salmon Candy in the Oven

November 29, 2018

Make Salmon Candy [Indian Candy] in your oven. This delectable finger food originated in the Pacific Northwest.


Thanksgiving Leftover Eggrolls

November 22, 2018

Wondering what to make with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Try this easy eggroll recipe using only wraps and your leftover turkey and dressing. You can always freeze them and heat up later too for a quick meal.


Prepper Necessity- Do you have it?

November 20, 2018

Life happens. Let me share what happened to me this week. Everyday prepping means you strive to be prepared for unexpected expenses, such as medical, car repair or home maintenance. Do you have an emergency fund?


Need Your Help With You Tube Watchlist Suggestions!

November 13, 2018

With your help,I’d like to compile a listing of favorite You Tube channels in the categories listed below. Please enter your channel selections in the comments • GENERAL PREPPING • PREPPING PHILOSOPHY • PREPPING KITS • FOOD PRESERVATION • HOMESTEADING • GARDENING • BUSHCRAFT • GUNS/KNIVES • HOMEMAKING/ORGANIZING • COOKING • CRAFTING • NEWS/WORLD EVENTS […]

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