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Trumps Troop Withdrawal: YOU ASKED FOR IT!

This is a very interesting dynamic where the rubber has finally met the road for all the loudmouths out there.

We all have something to say about the military. Both sides have bad things to say about the military engaging in foreign conflicts and wars. I hear a lot of EMPIRE talk and a lot of Foreign Entanglements.

This situation in Syria is a big deal and you need to sit back and really think about it. What do you really want out of the US military? Do you really want the “boys to come home” or are you happy with playing the role of the blind citizen that would rather not know what it takes to keep the world from burning?

Think about what it looks like when Trump pulls troops from the Syrian conflict and leaves it up to Turkey or the Europeans to step up.


Economic Update w/ Steven Menking 09.23.19


This economic update from Steven Menking has become a bit of a classroom on economics. If you want to begin to understand what is happening around you in the economic climate please listen to this series of economic updates.

More from Steven Menking at

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