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WROL Rules: What to Do in Societal Collapse

July 14, 2019

A by-request video on what exactly to do in a WROL situation. Some of these thoughts will echo even build upon my previous videos on the subject. This is another keystone TNP Philosophy video that lays the ground work other heavily requested update videos like “Tactically Squared Away.” As I stress, this isn’t gospel, these are more guidelines than rules, or they aren’t the only way to address a WROL situation. But the video is honest, real, and accurately reflects what my clan will do in WROL.
You see we will progress in an organized, logical fashion to most peoples’ focus picked up from me mentioning it: neighborhood security. We will address that but lots of groundwork has to be laid down. Like what is your value system you will use in WROL. You see this will guide your actions even in difficult times and will determine right or wrong. I share mine, it is long established, and I encourage you to spend time refining.strengthening your own! Then you have to decide if you want to “lone wolf” it or be a part of a community in WROL. The rest of the discussion assumes you will choose the latter.
Then we build a foundation of law and order within our own Micro Community (MC, yay a new TNP acronym!). I’ll discuss the importance of an MC council, organization of sub committees, inclusion of all people within the MC boundaries you decide, and working together to achieve common goals. Specifics are given.
Maybe somewhere along this process you have to defend yourself as you build your MC. That may be necessary and nothing takes away your natural right of self defense. But we focus doing things right within our MC and establishing a government of sorts from which security patrols may derive their legal authority of community protection. This is the heart of the discussion.
Community Protection Standards or CPS (another TNP acronym!) will have to be established from the council and this is discussed. This will be a community approach on ROE and will form the basis for any protective actions. Also a court and legal system, albeit simplified, will have to be established to address both internal and external crime events. How will you treat crime, what are the punishments, how to will care for “prisoners,” who makes those decisions?
Yep, this is some heavy lifting in this FREE TNP Patreon video. But I liked how it turned out and I think you might agree the principles discussed herein are based on goodness, historical precedent, natural rights, established law, and logic. Make some for this one and I hope it guides your preparations in a good for regrettable WROL!


Prophylactic or Sling Shot? INFIELD TEST

December 19, 2018

Break time in shooting work, Sean and I take out a Pocket Shot and see if this thing sucks or not. It is a replacement for a standard slingshot, featuring lightweight plastic circular frame holding a rubber pocket. It’s advantage would be primarily SAWC for BOK kits. BUT let’s shoot this thing first and see […]


10 Things You MUST Teach Your Kids by Nutnfancy

December 5, 2018

How are your kids going to make it? Do you ever think that? It seems most of our country’s problems can be traced back to the break down of the American family and values and skills taught that USED to be taught there. I doubt I can change that with some videos but perhaps I […]


Nutnfancy Bug Out Kits Pt 3: CONTENTS, WEAPONS

November 22, 2018

Think of your TNP Bug Out Kit as an insurance policy. You’re going to spend a fair amount of money on it and you’ll probably never use it. But the piece of mind and security it affords you and your family is priceless. When the walls come falling down you can exit your domicile in […]

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