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Better Than Ruger 10/22: Thompson TCR22

November 17, 2019

Better Than Ruger 10/22: Thompson TCR22
In the Bunker we go for a feature length .22 auto talk with TacticalDoodle. The star is the Thompson Center TCR22. We’ll fool around of course and make some key life observations that serve little purpose other than to make you laugh. Then we get get business.

We came to know the gun well with multiple outings. It immediately struck us a product improved 10/22 and we’ll show you the specifics. The TCR22 really presents like a Magnum Research LITE rather than a 10/22. Accuracy was near perfect. Some fun .22LR competitive options will be appreciated. It’s time for some .22 rifle talk.

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The Amazing Tech Sights, still going strong:

Rec’d, the affordable Nikon Prostaff 3×9 EFR scope shown:
Excellent MagPul Hunter 10/22 stocks shown:
Great .22 red dots reviewed in TNP:
Holosun 403C, a long time TNP fave:
Holosun 503 CQB Circle reticle sight:
Primary Arms 2.5X CQB sight (shown):
Bushnell TRS-25 red dot, still a good choice!:
Hogue Ruger 10-22 OverMolded Rifle Stock:


Precious Metal: Microtech Coppertop

November 16, 2019

Another cool BHQ Special Edition blade. As we do from time to time, we start off with an interesting discussion on the BF109 vs P51 Mustang and a huge FW190 comes into play too. TD is here making the comparisons. THEN we discuss this copper sided Microtech Ultratech “Copperhead.” TD is in love. It’s expensive but I predict it will keep its value and maybe even go up over time. The TNP Special Edition 007 Ultratech circa 2012 is also shown; it has gone way up in value over its once $240 price tag! Competitive options are proffered and in the video and below.

Microtech Coppertop collectible Ultratech:
Microtech Ultratechs….I like:
Too rich for ya’? Roger that, check out these TNP fave auto knives, $50 or under, most reviewed! Lightning:
AKC ACE Xtreme:
S&W M&P $44 OTFs:
Boker Desert Warrior, check out our review too:

Review begins about 4:10

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Finding Few Faults: Kershaw Faultline

November 15, 2019

Kershaw is getting back into the game after a seemingly long stint of boring hum drum value knives. Witness the affordable “Faultline” 8760 model. It’s a $25 knife (links below support TNP). The OD and black coloration of this 8Cr13MoV equipped hollow ground EDC blade is cool. Add in Kraton handle inserts, a deep carry clip, an attempt at jimping, and a KVT bearing. It is unassisted which strangely will please some. Dial in to see one of several TNP Kershaw knife reviews that might just prove that the company has found its mojo again in the value knife category.
Kershaw Faultine:
Other wins it seems at this point:
Kershaw Barricade, interesting Kershaw value knife, see my review on it in Patreon:
Kershaw Shuffle:
Kershaw Link (good knife but not amazing, wait for review):
Kershaw Knockout, still xlnt:
Cold Steel Broken Skull:
Boker FR G10 Massdrop S35VN special shown:
Boker FR and Urban Trappers, fave EDCs in TNP, sooo xlnt!

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Case Canoe Knife: The Way Things Used to Be

November 10, 2019

Let’s get traditional again! We will consider the beautiful, fully American made Case Canoe knife. It will remind us they way things used to be…of perhaps values, pride of manufacture, high quality of years gone by. American knife craftsmanship.

I have some gorgeous versions to show you including blue and green Barnboard, Leopard, Amberbone, Rattlesnake Bone (so cool!), Case Shield, and some others. These blades will generally hold their value and some will increase due to their rarity. These cool slip joint Case Canoe blades are exercises in handle art and some are outright stunning. Moreover they are excellent, simple but reliable pocket knives.

Case Canoe in eBay!

Case Trapperlock in eBay:

Case Butterbean, the cute little mini Canoe knife:

Case Copperlock blades, perhaps my favorite 1st Cool pocket knife, reviewed!


All Things Mudmaster: Touchstone Tactical Dive Watch

November 8, 2019

All Things Mudmaster: Touchstone Tactical Watches
Mud in the house! Here I’ll take you on a complete Mudmaster journey with both homage and genuine Casios. You’ll see them in action in TNP to include tactical shoots, SCUBA ops, boating, and more. Striking variations will be shown that you’ll probably want. There’s nothing like the real thing and some cool GG1000 and GWG1000 Mudmasters lay some slap down on the review table. But don’t discount the highly affordable, highly proven here Mudmaster homages like Sanda, Skmei, and especially SMAEL. TNPrs here love theirs, the have all the looks, wilder colors, and for the money are high quality.

The focus however is on the genuine Casio Mudmasters and there’s nothing like the real deal. These are rugged, great looking watches that have high legibility and useful functions like real alarms, timers, ABC, waterproofness, atomic time keeping (GWG1000), and solar power (GWG1000). Yep they’re much more expensive but quality often is.

We won’t spend too much time in functions here, instead concentrating on the great looks and my own adventure experiences with the Mudmaster (shown!). Many cool variations of both the Casio and homage watches are studies here. These attention getting, tactical looking timepieces that will make you happy as you choose it for your EDC wear.

Use my eBay links to support TNP, it don’t cost you anything and prices are even cheaper than Amazon!

SMAEL Tactical Watches, Mudmaster homage, soo xlnt, soo affordable:

Casio GWG 1000 Mudmaster, top of line, atomic time keeping, sapphire crystal, solar powered:

NEW and limited: Casio GG100 Leopard Print yellow band:

NEW Casio GG-B100 smart enabled GShock Mudmasters, shown in the video in inset, links to phone for auto time adj, location functions…cool watches I didn’t have for this update!:

Casio GG1000 Mudmasters:

Sanda Mudmaster homage watches:

SKMEI Mudmaster homage watches :

Casio GBA800 smart watch, many colors, shown:


Springfield Armory 911 .380: Better than Sig P238?

November 3, 2019

Cool Air Force story inside btw! I think you’ll like it. It will be about how an Air Force buddy almost lost his wings on an impromptu and dumb fly by he did at Minot AFB North Dakota when I was flying T38s. He flew past our hangar at about 300 ft off the deck at 400 knots in full after burner.

THEN I’ll commence to share my testing experience and opinions on the little Springfield Armory 911 .380. The Sig P238 comes back into appearance for this TABLE TOP review; it’s the cool “Molon Labe” Spartan version. Several outings took place with the “911” and it could hold promise but they were a few bumps in the road. I also show you my still-fave .380 auto and I have not found anything better yet!

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Wicked “Easy Model” brand 1/72 military aircraft for your own aviation “museum:”


Recon 40: Big, Fast, High End OTF

October 29, 2019

The ceramic balls you always wish you had. Enter the big brother to the previously reviewed and heralded Guardian Tactical Recon 35. You set it’s kinda’ rare getting a big out the front (OTF) knife to work like this…that’s why you don’t see many of them.

With its offset double action mechanism and 3 ceramic balls, friction is minimized and impressive speed, smoothness, and reliability is achieved. In fact this might be the fastest OTF of its type reviewed here.

Add in Elmax steel and good ergos in this 4 inch OTF auto. Of course I’ll show my value core here with the Lightning and for sure we’ve gotten spoiled with these value knives. For sure the Recon 40 is some bucks but it’s a rare, big, OTF premium with materials and design, all made in the USA….that tends to cost a lot. But I don’t remember ever bringing an OTF to the reviewing table quite like this, it’s other worldly.

Items shown in this KRV! Use my links to support the work here, doesn’t cost ya’ nothing!

Guardian Tactical Recon 40:

AKC F-16 wicked little value OTF, shown:
Boker AK74 value autos!:
Boker Urban Trapper, soo xlnt:
Boker FR, shown, a Nutnfancy fave for EDC:
Edge Pro Apex sharpeners, STILL Nutnfancy favored sharpener:
Daddy likes the Honeybadger knife!:
PIG Tactical Gloves:
ProTech Don Auto:

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SAM7 AK Is Overrated: Full Nutnfancy Review

October 27, 2019

The internet tells me this is the best AK in the world. The internet tells me lots of things…a few of them are even true. So we’ll get to the bottom of that claim is this one of kind Nutnfancy GRV on the SAM7 AK variant.
You see I remember well when this $1400 AK was introduced to market by Arsenal who then called it a “game changer” and promised the AK world would never be the same after the SAM7’s introduction. Many reviewers bought into and furthered this hyped, perhaps more reliable than I in delivering a party line review.
This is addressed in the video and I’ll remind you how frequent disconnects happen between savvy marketing and reality.
The we’ll discuss the specifics of this 10 lb 9 oz AK variant rifle (can you say “holy hell?”). However we remain grateful to Nate, a TNP Patron for this loaner. It does wear some of his mods, discussed. But at the heart is the Bulgarian milled receiver SAM7 that’s over 8 lbs with nothing on it, not even a magazine.
TNP philosophy governs the SAM7 review like SAWC, application of intermediate powered cartridges, 1st/2nd Cool, not making an AK what it wasn’t meant to be, and the like. With its elevated price, the SAM7 in all its variations should need no modification, should shoot with supreme accuracy, should be lightweight, should come fully featured in an innovatie way, and should be near perfect with its ergos. Judgments are made here in each of those areas and I will remind you of other AKs that get those things mostly right for A LOT less.
Another touchstone, let’s-get-real Nutnfancy gun review not to be missed!

Gunnies Sporting Goods Store in Orem helped make this review possible. Please thank them for their support of TNP. Gunnies Great American Western Wear Store, Address: 396 State St, Orem, UT 84058 Hours: 10AM–8PM, Ph 801-226-7080,


CZ P10C Update: Still The One?

October 19, 2019

Let’s check in with the CZP10C. It would seem after its high profile introduction years ago this pistol fell from favor to some degree. Is this warranted? Hmmm. We get a newer gen of the P10C, take it on multiple outings and see if our original opinions on the CZ P10C were correct. Will our like of the P10C is remain intact? We review that latest on its accuracy, ergos, SAWC, mag release upgrades, reliability, and more. TD is here with me in the Bunker on this one and we have fun. You’ll see TD remains a sceptic until the last outing too.

Momentum ATLAS 44 watch shown, the now-perfected field watch: or in eBay

Zeta Plus Gundham:

Drop Isobrite “Valor” watch

Isobrite Valor watches in eBay:

ArmourLite watch, similar to shown in the review:


Making Microtech Scared: $60 AKC Xtreme Ace Auto

October 18, 2019

We’ll start with a discussion as to why ridiculously priced luxury watches aren’t selling. This directly relates to the knife market too, especially autos. It has a lot to do with influencers like myself introducing and convincing my audience of the amazing value of such knives as this AKC Ace auto.
For the small price paid it will deliver the 1st and 2nd cool of a $300 auto for most knife enthusiasts…watch the auto knife makers come out with “value” models to compete. This Ace has D2 steel, wicked fast opening, some good colors, and a dagger blade. Also great is its “F16” OTF brother (below) which is even less expensive.

More free TNP knife content for my Patreon friends!

AKC Xtreme Ace auto:

AKC F-16 OTF auto, shown:

GRINDWORX website “Lightning OTF” blades, all are xlnt:
Cool orange F16 OTF:

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