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Embarrassing Seiko: Deep Blue Master 1000

This dive watch is one of the best made in the world. Here you’ll see why I much prefer the Deep Blue Master 1000 series over most Seiko dive watches. I will stand against what is probably a tide of opinion on this but I’ve always done that and it’s true. Here you’ll see the DBM 1000 in action with TNP in over two years of adventure.
With the price paid, the quality, features, and personality of the DBM 1000 dominate all comers. Sapphire, reliable auto movement, perfect bezel execution, perfect straps, perfect lume, durability, water resistance, perfect case backs, perfect hands, perfectly sized. All at an amazingly low price.
No this review was not purchased by Deep Blue, unlike a lot of the other TP watch “reviews” you’ve seen. It’s just an honest feature length WRV that will make the case why this is my fave dive watch yet!


Boker Alligator Toast: Y Wing Fighter

Another good high value knife option that we like. Some equally good competitive options emerge too!

Boker Alligator Toast
CRKT Remedy:
CRKT Prowess:
The always awesome Boker FR:


Midland Single Shot Shotgun

Out in the snowy desert with TD showing our single shot shotgun history. That’s right; we’ve been holding out on ya’. We intro with our Huglu 301A 20 ga single shot which I bought on a military deployment for $45. Then we pivot to the “Midland Backpacker” shooting it and talking about its fun, value, and configurations.

Support the independent TNP reviewing process and buy at: Gunnies in Orem, UT. 396 State St, Orem, UT 84058 Hours: 10AM–8PM Phone: (801) 226-7080; Website:


Microtech SOCOM Lives Again: Update Review!

Here we go with an update on the standard setting Microtech SOCOM tactical knife, updated for 2019. We’ll revisit why this knife is so excellent in terms of 1st and 2nd Cool, looking closely again at the 2011 TNP “cast member” of this knife. Comparisons made against the two and you’ll see the new version has been improved in every way. A striking red version is the focus of the review…don’t bother getting one, it’s all sold out as I predicted in the video. Manual and automatic versions were made in 2019 and I rec’ the manual action first; it’s smooth, strong, durable (CTS204 steel), and fast. Balanced in the tactical POU, the real attraction of this epic Microtech will be it’s “knifesturbation” qualities. If you get, LMK if you agree!

Microtech SOCOM 2019 versions, all are xlnt:
Microtech SOCOM 2019 Manual Action brown, love it:
Microtech SOCOM 2019 Manual Action OD, love it:


World’s Best Pump Shotgun: Winchester 1300 [and SXP!]

The Official Nutnfancy Review on the Winchester 1300, as requested by TNPrs for over a decade! TNP Patrons also voted to have this review in the Bunker format so here we go! TacticalDoodle is in attendance with his zingers and he has plenty of experience with our Winchester 1300s.

We’ll pretty much say it’s the best pump shotgun made. Watch the video for reasons why. We’ll show our Winchesters 1300s, with us since 1993. One is a hunter’s variation “tacticalized” and it’s my favorite. The New Haven CT produced 1300s will gain in value over time and amazingly have become highly sought after. TD says don’t got looking for them b. he doesn’t want competition in the hunt.

But fret not because in this GRV we ALSO review the equally excellent Winchester SXP which is a basically a 1300. We also tested a Defender model in that line in 20 gauge. Check out it’s cool variations and camo patterns. We hit all the important stuff: patterning, smoothness, speed, loading, quality, barrel differences, choking, sights, stocks, SAWC, finishes, gauge choices, competitive options, and more.

You may be amazed at the smooth unlocking of these inertia assisted rotary bolt actions. The 1300 action dominates all other pump shotguns in this area. Oh yeah, they don’t wear out either. Time as always goes by quickly and you’ll come away wanting this shotgun.

You’ll see it action in over 14 years of TNP as well! The quintessential combat shotgun of choice: the Winchester 1300 and SXP!

Thanks to Gunnies Sporting Goods in Orem, UT ph (801) 226-7080 for the items sometimes provided to TNP for review. Look up gunnies online, say thanks!

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In Your Face Different: Archon Type B 9mm!

We’ll start off with the boldness of a German Air Force Tiger Striped F4 Phantom that boldly called out all players in the NATO 1984 Tiger Meet. Archon does the same. It is strange and different in several ways, really excellent in some others, and possessing of some regrettable quirks.

Again this is another independent Nutnfancy review sponsored only by TNP Patrons. No free pistols or under the table money were given to me. So you’ll get the non-group think, AE take on the Archon and see if it’s right for you. I the end will ask the hard questions about the Archon Type B, scrutinize its 1st and 2nd Cool, consider its value, and show competitive options. The competition is strong.


“Handgun Haven” helped make this review possible with this loaner! Please show your support to them and pay them a visit: 2140 3600 W, West Valley City, UT 84119, (801) 746-9397, Adam Pratt owner

If on a VPN, log into a regular browser to access these links first or they may not work! Streamlight TL8-8 and others:

OLIGHT Seeker 2:

OLIGHT Baton Pros:

OLIGHT M2R Pro Warrior:


2020 Tactically Squared Away Pt 1

The long awaited update on Tactically Squared Away! Too much content to fit in a single parter, we take it to the TNP Bunker to keep it real. We’re going to hit the physical fitness part hard here because of the work that needs to be done. If you truly want to be squared away and not just live an internet fantasy of “readiness” this is your foundation and it’s the focus here. Then we’ll move into a general discussion of weapon selection and move into the equipment side, only from my perspective and systems approach!


Desert Awakening

A new chapter opening up in TNP… as promised. You’ll feel the spirit of TNP renewed again and see us connect with the majesty of the Southern Utah desert wilderness. Mrs Nutnfancy and Dogness came along for these epic and sometimes challenging excursions in a a new adventure conveyance.

We wish to encourage time investment with family, friends, your pets, and promote kindness and appreciation for life along the way. There are so many great and beautiful things in life…it just takes a little work to get out and see them. We do that here and more is coming up. We hope you find inspiration and time to make similar adventures, creating those treasured memories.

TNP outdoor adventures are back. Watch for the “actual” series of these adventures!



Large Survival Knife Testing: SP53

A by request review of the Ontario SP53 Bolo. Yeah it kinda’ sucks. I tell you why in the beautiful knife clinic. Take a break from the snow in this video filmed last summer with puppy Macie.


Affordable Ballistic Plates, LBE

Responding to request for affordable LBE and body armor I went hunting. This is what I found. For about $110 you can have this pretty excellent lightweight IIIA protection. In the video I’ll do a quick review of two plate carriers and then introduce you to the “Battlesteel” brand of soft armor. It is sold by Botach Tactical. It’s amazing light, low profile and cost effective.
The UHMWPE fabric 10×12 soft armor insert is only 6.5mm thick weighing only 16 oz. In terms of SAWC, these NIJ Level IIIA bulletproof level panels are worth the upgrade. An interesting development in this type of armor is also addressed, one you probably didn’t see coming. Like all these Botach Tactical body armor deals, it will probably change (go up in price) or go away quick so if you have the need, now’s the time, use the links below!

Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panels 10″x12″
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panel 10″x12″ Shooters Cut
Battle Steel Ballistic Plate Carrier
Ultra Low Profile Ballistic Plate Carrier
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panels For LBE, Backpacks
Battle Steel Level IIIA Ballistic Flexible Panels 11″x14″
All ballistic gear at Botach

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