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Bushmaster Minimalist vs Anderson AM15

September 14, 2019

Black rifles alive in TNP…ah yeah! You have spoken and said you want TNP black rifle reviews to continue. Here we have a two for one review: Bushmaster Minimalist vs an Anderson AM15 lightweight build (by Gunnies). Both are lightweight AR15s with promises of reliability, great ergos, accuracy, and time savings for you (you won’t have to source, build your own…often spending lots more). Several desert excursions with these weapons ensued with the crew and my choice for the win might surprise you!

Filmed Feb 2019

Check out G’s new webstore
Gunnies Great American Western Wear Store, Address: 396 State St, Orem, UT 84058 Hours: 10AM–8PM, Ph 801-226-7080. I receive no money or perks from Gunnies btw.

Fave often used TNP scope: Nikon ProStaff 7 4-16X42 BDC
Vortex StrikeEagle 1-8x24mm Illumin. SE-1824=1, xlnt high value AR scope shown:
Primary Arms 1-8x24mm Illumin. scope (not shown):
Leupold VX6 #1204411-Illumin. no longer being made but you might find it on secondary market…great scope!
Weaver Tactical 1-5x24mm Illuminated shown:
1-8x24mm scopes:
Holosun Assortment odf red dot sights, all are good:

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The $600 Option that Worked: Riley Defense AK

September 8, 2019

Does the $600 AK still exist? Yes. We we hunting for one and ended up, among others, with a Riley Defense RAK47. Surely this thing’s gotta be a piece of crap right? Not so fast and don’t believe the AK elitists that sometimes slam the door their “non-approved” guns. I stand in opposition to all such elitism, always have, and just try to find the merits in each item, especially when it scores high in value like the RAK47.

You see the Russian and many imported stamped AK variants skyrocketed in price. It makes no sense in buying these over priced, over hyped AKs at those prices; I’ll stick with an AR thank you. And yet the AK group think often proclaims you need to speed big bucks on a “real AK.” Don’t believe it. After all this is a rifle designed to be a throwaway and it is cheap to produce.

The RAK47 had a break in period, shown and we discuss that. After that you’ll see it met the standard of the design in our testing: fast, sure, and fun to shoot. TacticalDoodle here too in another fun Bunker GRV. He wreaks. I focus on the gun and show you the surprisingly quality levels of this surprise hit AK: stock, finish, straightness of the blocks/sights, sight regulation [right on out of the box], legit AK features, and more. This RAK47 will be in the Project for some time as we continue to run it but all indications show this is a value AK you should consider.

Check out TNP Patreon for the review on the excellent Palmetto PSAK-47, another US made value AK:

Note: Riley Defense is out of business but you might find them in your local gun stores still.


Zero Tolerance 609 RJ Martin

September 6, 2019

Zero Tolerance for bad knives here in TNP. This ain’t one of them. The RJ Martin is a beautiful semi-custom blade with upscale features. We look at them in depth: 3D machined titanium handle in bronze, see through pivot screw, CPM20CV, KVT ball bearing opening, machined flats for your Edge Pro Apex sharpener, and more. A couple cool competitive options make an appearance too.

ZT609 RJ Martin series, cool purple one available for short time, very cool:
Edge Pro Apex 3 stone kit, all you really need to sharpen:
Piranha Pocket auto knife…so xlnt and affordable for an auto:
The excellent Ferrum Forge Crux (made by WE Knives): Save $10 with this link


Sea Eagle Fastrak Inflatable Kayak Full Review

August 31, 2019

Believe it or not even the professionals will use an inflatable kayak. They offer several key advantages over a standard plastic hull kayak. They are more compact and store more easily, they offer more flotation, they are more stable, you don’t have to strap them to your car roof, they are comfortable, and more. We’ll remind you of these key points as we show you the incredible Sea Eagle Fastrak series of boats.

The star of the review will be our purchased Sea Eagle Fastrak 385 with over 3 years of testing complete. You’ll find us in this boat review on a high mountain lake in “Austria” and even Mrs Nutnfancy is here for the review. A rain storm had just passed through as we get to business.

Value, setup/takedown, SAWC, POUs, motor adaptation, salt and fresh water use, draining, searing, white water use, paddle selection, storage, fishing considerations, durably, storage, and and other key points are covered.

This is a fast paddling, streamlined inflatable kayak with 9.5″ tubes. For inland bays and lakes it is ideal. It has an inflatable keel and removable skeg allowing straight tracking, even with one person paddling. At only 35 lbs, a Sea Eagle Fastrak 385 travels remarkably well in RV, car, truck, or even as checked baggage on the airlines. It may open up to you a whole new set of adventures for your family. Another one of a kind Nutnfancy boat review!

Let’s go to the water again TNP Patrons…by request this boat review is edited and ready!

Sea Eagle Fastraks:


Leatherman FREE P4 Review

August 31, 2019

Never at rest, Leatherman pushes the multitool envelope with the Free series. The anchor is this one, the Free P4 will its full featured tool set. Here you’ll see the P4 in action, get POU discussion, revisit some classics [which are still awesome], and consider its capabilities. Value is stressed and we’re reminded what that means. Some of the P4’s tools are familiar, some are new. The magnetic one-handed architecture is innovative. Packaging, sheath, quality, durability, and versatility are top notch. Collecting it might be the only reason you need and you might want to add this one to the list.

Another TNP Patreon by request video!

Leatherman Free P4, xlnt:

Leatherman Free P2, 1 oz lighter:

Leatherman Free series:

Leatherman Wave, xlnt:

Leatherman Sidekick:

Leatherman Charge TTi, always a win:


Barricade Update! Sig P320 M17

August 24, 2019

An addendum to my previous P320 vids, we go out to that darn windy desert again and shoot the M17 outfitted with a Leupold Delta Point red dot. I’ll update the M17 service record here, beat up a little bit on silly internet drama on the P320, shoot lots, give my opinion again on red dot sights on your pistol, and remind us about the features and overall shootability of the P320. You might be surprised at my purchase recommendation too!

Gunnies Sporting Goods Store in Orem helped make this review possible. Check them out online and say thank you please!
Leupold Delta Point, good sight, I’d use it on a rifle:
Sorry for the wind noise, this mike was only ok but I think it works overall!


Kamikaze Buck Deer Almost Kills Motorcyclist

August 24, 2019

This is Mrs Nutnfancy everyone, Nutnfancy can’t post right now. Hope I did this right. We are grateful he & his friend lived thru this. He sent the video to me, hopefully back to the house soon from Oregon. Very scary video here and no way to avoid what happened. This happened at 1030 in the morning when deer are usually not active in this area. Both riders wore full gear including body armor.

Nutn and I thank you for your awesome support and prayers in adventures like these for TNP. Much love, Mrs Nutnfancy

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Vortex Strike Eagle Scope Barricade

August 17, 2019

In the “spooky” desert that everyone flees we check out the Vortex Strike Eagle scopes. These mid priced tactical carbine, AR15 scopes that seem to provide better performance then their price would indicate. Two versions are tested: 1-6x24mm and 1-8x24mm. A Nutnfancy build BCM AR15 is one testbed and the other will be a surprise but it hasn’t been seen in a long time!
We consider the eye relief especially in this night time shoot, illumination, size/weight, clarity, reticle functionality, value, and more. An interesting comparison is proffered. But we see this Vortex Strike Eagle scopes sell well and are favored for good reasons.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm, top recommendation, great scope:
Limited Edition FDE version, cool:
Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm:


Here’s Why the Mini-14 Is Collectible

August 10, 2019

In the TNP Bunker we go again to discuss why on earth a Mini-14 could be collectible. To understand this phenomena which I’m predicting here you’ll have to understand the buyers. Guys like me. Guys that, to this day, have a connection with the Mini. They have other guns to get the biz done. By keeping their earlier Mini or acquiring one before they go up in price, the connect with the 2nd Cool of this special firearm. I think even a 1990s era Mini, like the one shown here is special. Let’s see what happens in the next 5 years but now might be the time to buy! Even TacticalDoodle is here for this one and you’ll see him as a little baby in a photo with our first Mini-14.

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Thanks to Gunnies Sporting Goods in Orem, UT ph (801) 226-7080 for the items sometimes provided to TNP for review…like the clothing. Look up gunnies online, say thanks!


Adventures in Puppydom: First Hike

August 6, 2019

Macie the Mountain on her first operation into the wilderness! A fun and exciting chapter in TNP. We just got back from another hike yesterday too! Come along for all our adventures…thanks for the support.

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