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Help Me Save My Blades! Utility Knife Rescue

December 11, 2018

TNPrs do a pretty good job carrying blades; I meet few that don’t. But their edges are bleak and a source of fun for the gear checks. Maybe I can help. Shown many times in the KRVs, it’s time for me to stress the importance of you carrying a lightweight, SAWC-compliant UTILITY KNIFE! That’s right, the unglamorous, affordable utility knife. But if you apply my advice here and always have on your person one of these blades (all with quick change ultra sharp carbide or bi-metal blades), you’re cutting tasks will excel. Moreover you can preserve your other tactical/EDC blades for more specific tasks, saving you lots of sharpening time! The Sheffield 1282 wins huge in this comparison and you should have at least 10 ( Maybe the most important KRV ever from TNP!

Sheffield 1282, THE WINNER:
Outdoor Edge retractable “Slidewinder” (not covered here but I wish I would have, thanks to TNPrs Jace and Brandon for the suggestion!):
Benchmade 550 series, xlnt:
Cobalt Utility Knives:
Gerber Utility Knives:
Irwin Bi-metal blades:
Premium Tempered SK2M Steel utility blades:
Great Neck 12119 utility knife:
Sheffield 10668 utility knife:
Sheffield 12113 utility knife!:
Husky 3-Pack Utility knives:
Boker Plus Urban Trapper:
Boker Plus FR, one of the best EDC blades:

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10 Things You MUST Teach Your Kids by Nutnfancy

December 5, 2018

How are your kids going to make it? Do you ever think that? It seems most of our country’s problems can be traced back to the break down of the American family and values and skills taught that USED to be taught there. I doubt I can change that with some videos but perhaps I […]


Nutnfancy Workshop! Benchmade Clip, Handle Mods

December 1, 2018

Come on down the Nutnfancy Workshop as we fix the Benchmade Griptilitian (great knife). We’ll also check out the Lynch deep carry pocket clip, sharpening jimping, and more. The still excellent (especially with these mods) Griptilitan 550HG: Lynch titanium clips:–Lynch-Northwest–2120


Micro Brand Greatness: Spinnaker Wreck Dive Watch

November 24, 2018

Featuring antiqued, weathered cases and oceanic dials, the Spinnaker Wreck is very cool. It combines elements of a diver and a field watch. You’ll see it in action here in TNP as we took it on some aquatic adventuring. A hackable Seiko NH35 movement, well-executed high legibility hands, a tight bezel, date, preferred 44mm case […]


Nutnfancy Bug Out Kits Pt 3: CONTENTS, WEAPONS

November 22, 2018

Think of your TNP Bug Out Kit as an insurance policy. You’re going to spend a fair amount of money on it and you’ll probably never use it. But the piece of mind and security it affords you and your family is priceless. When the walls come falling down you can exit your domicile in […]


Outdoor Edge Le Duck: Awesome Neck Knife for $23

November 17, 2018

Several OE knife reviews are forthcoming and this is the first. The Outdoor Edge Le Duck is an excellent compact fixed blade with good steel, compact and yet ergonomic form factor ( a rarity in neck knives!), and super high value. The sheath is superb with a locking function and multiple carry methods. Jimping is […]


The Better Pocket Shotgun? Taurus Polymer Judge

November 13, 2018

An addition to my original full length Judge review, we took the much lighter Polymer Judge out to see if it’s awesome or not. This polymer framed Taurus Judge can put a lot of lead in the air. With composite specialty loads like Hornady’s “410 Triple Defense” this Public Defender is potent package: two 35 […]


KTM 500 EXC Single Track! NMV

November 12, 2018

Come along to the forests of Oregon as I give a look at running the KTM 500 EXC on some challenging single track trails. Amazingly the bike did not sell so it was time to go to plan B; more adventuring on this amazing dual sport motorcycle. LMK if you want a bit of narrated […]


Citizen Eco Drive Field Watches

November 5, 2018

Citizen Eco Drive Field Watches: A fave! The awesome Citizen CA4210-24E Pilot Chrono: Citizen Field/Pilot BU2055-08X: BM8471-01E: AW1361-10H: Junkers “Iron Anne” and other of their fleiger line up: The awesome and affordable Fossil NATE Chronograph: NUTNFANCY PATREON IS ACTIVE, special content and Giveaways for members!: https:// Sub to […]


Nutnfancy Bug Out Kits Pt 2: Best Container!

October 28, 2018

You have 5 minutes warning to leave your house, grab everything you need to survive for 2 weeks. Could you do it? I doubt it! That’s why I made the Nutnfancy Bug Out videos, to help organize your preparation. The result of your efforts will be an assigned “BOK” to every individual in your family. […]

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