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GSG Firefly: Sig Mosquito Revived

December 29, 2018

The ole Sig Mosquito had a pretty bad reputation. I had though of it as junk and therefor never officially reviewed it. Much preferred is the Sig P226 in .22LR with a conversion slide, see my 2009 video on that: The gun has been revived in the “GSG Firefly” with it’s polymer frame, heavy […]


Citizen Promaster Diver watch- Nutnfancy

December 27, 2018

Citizen Promaster Diver Solar powered dive watches rated to 200M. All the details are covered: aesthetics, waterproofness, accuracy, toughness, solar technology, comfort, quality, noise, legibility, bezel preciseness, hand accuracy, SAWC, illumination, and more. This version is probably not my favorite in the series and I’ll show you why. But you may love it, if so […]


Sturhling AquaDiver Watch

December 27, 2018

Affordable, great looking, dive proven, Miyota quartz movement, and beautiful sword hands, the Sturhling AquaDiver is very similar to the Wenger Gen “Seaforce.” We look at its specifics here and compare it against other HOF Watch competition. Why spend more?! AQUA DIVER blue (reviewed); AQUA DIVER black: AQUA DIVER yellow: Wenger Sea […]


Favorite Lever Action: Marlin 336 Review

December 24, 2018

I’ll talk about how the venerable and still in-production Marlin 336 lever action is one of the most popular guns in America. In fact, it’s pure Americana, embodying the can-do self reliant spirit that made this country great. It’s reliable, durable, fun to shoot, and puts meat on the table as it has since 1948. […]


Zodiac Rigid Inflatable: 1 Year Oceanic Review (Zodiac Pro Open)

December 23, 2018

Not many Americans “get” Zodiac boats, especially hard use RIBs like the Pro Open Series. They are harder to get, they look different, they aren’t any cheaper, and are rarely spotted in the US. But in Europe the Zodiacs, in all forms, are highly appreciated and used broadly by govt agencies, civilians, tour operators, shipping […]

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