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Nutnfancy Bug Out Kits Pt 1: Principles of BOK

October 13, 2018

You have 5 minutes warning to leave your house, grab everything you need to survive for 2 weeks.  Could you do it?  I doubt it!  That’s why I made the Nutnfancy Bug Out videos, to help organize your preparation.  The result of your efforts will be an assigned “BOK” to every individual in your family. […]


Here’s Why I Prefer the Shinola Watch vs the Chinese Watch

October 12, 2018

Review Shinola watches! Message received. Here we look in detail at the very beautiful large Shinola Runwell watch. It is made from some foreign components in the US. It has a classic, clean, somewhat fleiger watch aesthetic. Along the way I’ll compare it against the Seagull M22S hand wound classic watch with identical styling. Both […]


Nutnfancy Rant: $315 Crye Combat Pants! (buy these instead)

October 8, 2018

The pricing on genuine Crye brand tactical pants is insane. I won’t let you forget their astronomical price as this Nutnfancy rant/review gains momentum. No doubt the “Crye Combat Pant” possesses phenomenal quality and good design; I show you this in detail. It’s made in the USA. Who buys a pair of $315 dollar pants? […]


Zero Tolerance Rexford 0804CF

October 6, 2018

The ZT line has improved over time due to collaboration with smart designers. For awhile it was the same ole heavy knife design like the Hinderer. But things have changed. Witness the Zero Tolerance Rexford 0804CF design. You will see here how big and beautiful this tactical folder is. Featuring CPM-S35VN steel, the CF and […]


When Smith and Wesson Ruled the World: The Model 59

October 5, 2018

A ground breaking concept at the time, for a time the S&W Model 59 seemed to rule the world with its magazine capacity and high quality construction. As discussed in the video I grew up on the gun and it was always on my list as a “must have” acquisition. It just took a few […]


Is the POF Revolution the Best ‘AR10’ in the World?

September 29, 2018

It weighs more or less the same an AR15. So is the POF Revolution the best AR10-style rifle around now? We will see in this 36min Nutnfancy review. Much beloved here in TNP is its little brother, the POF Renegade that has proven to be truly a high end AR with excellent accuracy, reliability, and […]


Casio ProTrek for 1/3 the Price: Casio SGW300 Series

September 27, 2018

A by request WRV. TNPrs love the G Shocks and asked for more options that are affordable. Enter the SGW 300 series for just $40. With a large positive LCD display, altimeter/barometer functionality, you might be amazed at the value. I wear them in the rotation and they look particularly stunning when you peel off […]


Why Don’t I Like this Gun More? Sig P320 X Carry

September 25, 2018

This is a competent pistol for sure. It was mostly reliable and accurate in our testing. But like the silly Glock 19X, it opts for a shorter slide with a full size frame. This is yet ANOTHER fad and will go away in time. Me, I’ve always preferred the full sized pistols for most POUs and if I’m going concealed then something super compact like the Glock 43 or excellent Sig P365 comes along. This is intended as a GTW handgun, few will carry in “concealed,” as such it’s evaluated here along those lines. We’ll show in depth all the important stuff and as usual present the honest TNP view point (which is never bought unlike most others).

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