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Why are Processed Carbs So Habit-Forming? (Carb-Cravings are REAL!)

October 15, 2018

Do you feel like you are addicted to sweets, bread, crackers, or breakfast cereal? Turns out, you might just be. That doesn’t mean you should give in to the craving, that means you need to break this addictive cycle so you can stop eating this unhealthy Carbage! Studies have shown that highly processed sweets, grains […]


Is the Keto Diet Safe for Children???

October 14, 2018

Is the keto diet safe for children?  This valid questions deserves much conversation and thought. We all want to feed our children the most nutritious diet possible. If keto is unsafe we should know this so we can take appropriate action. Is the American Academy of Pediatrics diet safe for children? Is the American Diabetes […]


Can Diabetics Eat Keto??? (Lecture from 2018 Keto101 Cruise)

October 8, 2018

A very basic question to ask is Can Diabetics Eat a Ketogenic Diet? The answer is absolutely yes! If you want to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes you must eat the ketogenic way. Both the standard american diet and the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association will make your diabetes WORSE. This is one […]


Are You Taking Metformin/Glucophage? If so, You MUST Take This Vitamin!

October 7, 2018

Millions of people with Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS and Fertility issues take Metformin/Glucophage and don’t know that it can cause a serious Vitamin deficiency. It’s not that Metformin is not safe, you just have to add a daily dose of this key vitamin to prevent potentially disastrous consequences. Many prescriptions medications can cause one […]