February 11, 2019

Paleo and Dairy What Gives?

by Mark Boyle

Paleo and Dairy | Milk Is Just Another High Fat Food Source!

What Gives?  I'll tell you what gives, Because I have a Theory.

Why is it that Paleo and Dairy can't be friends?  Mostly because it has been linked to digestive and inflammatory problems like IBS Joint Pain and even Sinus issues, and lets not forget those Lactose problems either.  But, as a Thinker, we must also ask a few questions before we give up drinking a perfect food, because of some Crazy extrapolations drawn from a void, with few biochemically facts.

So let's take a look at paleo and dairy with our virtual microscope called our brains shall we?  

What is in Milk?

Paleo and Dairy

If you see what I see, this looks like all the ingredients of a High Fat Diet, and even with the carbs, this appears to be a great breakfast food or snack all by itself.  

Fat is a good thing when you are on a High Fat Diet, and is what gives our bodies fuel, and Milk is Fat Rich food source, so this is the other half of a Low Carb High Fat Diet.  Unfortunately most folks on a LCHF diet skip that part and replace the fat with Protein.

So what about the carbohydrates? well, if you are on a Paleo diet, and not a NO carb diet, this ain't bad, and these carbs are  mostly from the protein, because 66% of all protein is converted into carbohydrates.

It seems to me that if a person was taking Protein Supplements they would be in the same carb mass as with drinking Milk.  So if carbs in milk is not the problem why all the haters be hating?

Maybe it's the Cholesterol, everyone loves to hate Cholesterol, but that would only explain the Medical Establishments hate, Paleo Dieters eat meat and are not afraid of Saturated Fat so that is not it either.

Many of the Articles I read on Paleo, and No Dairy say it is unnatural for humans to continue to drink milk after being wined off of breast milk.  But to me it is not even close to the same thing as breast milk.  In fact, saying "drinking Cow's Milk"  is like adults still breastfeeding ,is as dopie as equating Eating Cow's Meat to Cannibalism.  Let's look, at the two types of milk shall we...

Paleo and Dairy

Click above image to enlarge,

As you can see there isn't much left un-destroyed after Pasteurization, but Raw milk is very similar to actual Breast Milk.  Most of us will have a very difficult time finding Raw milk and even though it would be nice, it is illegal in most States, plus I don't think the purest in the Paleo world consider Raw milk as the problem anyway.  So once again, what's the problem with milk as a food source, sure it has been pasteurized, but most everything we eat these days has been touched by government regulations.  If you use protein powders, they are processed, take vitamins, they are a derivative of some sort, and processed. 

It looks as though each and every bit of the Nutrition Factiods on the list, is the same nutrient consumed already in the Paleo dieter's list, so what is the reason for not consuming Dairy, let's get into the real problems stated above?

Digestive and Inflammatory Problems

As we see, there is not one thing in milk, as a food, that is not in the average Paleo Dieter food consumption, that could cause Inflammation.  What causes inflammation is the fermentation of cellulose from plant based foods in the gut.  A new study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, finds evidence that these chemicals in food can alter the gut bacteria, or microbiome, potentially causing intestinal inflammation which makes a person more likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome and significant weight gain.”  

The most economical choice for cellulose comes from wood by-products, however cellulose can also come from vegetables, humans cannot digest cellulose.  While no animal produces the digestive enzymes to break down the large cellulose molecules in the plant cell walls, microorganisms' like bacteria, on the other hand, can break them down, and this is the fermentation process.

I think I got this figured out, it's the Lactose, and we don't have the enzyme , lactase, to break down the lactose, so Don't drink Milk...but eat your veggies that we also don't have the enzyme to break down, got it?  Let not forget that the Lactose-Producing Bacteria, that are linked to Lactose intolerance, and have been destroyed during the Pasteurization process as well.  I could go on and on poking holes in this crazy theory of "Don't Eat Dairy" but I think you can see that it is just that, a theory, Milk is a perfect food source, and I for one will continue to drink it.

Dairy meets and exceeds any LCHF diet wish list, high in fat, excellent source of protein, great for a quick snack drink with lots of calories, and best of all, lower carbs than most Energy Bars, with no Net Carb Scam included.

For more Great information on Milk and the History on it's use CLICK HERE >>>

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