June 17, 2022

Is eating only meat healthy?  Does a carnivore diet promote weight loss? Todays guest is Kelly Hogan, a 13 year Carnivore, has an important story that you need to hear because it will help you. Kelly Hogan struggled with weight her entire life. At age 25, she suffered from frequent boils, weighed 262 pounds, and

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Woman Eats Only MEAT for 13 Years

June 13, 2022

From deceased People that Died from what is now called (SADS), which has been coined to describe sudden death without a structural cause identified by autopsy or toxicological examination. DEATH SHOTS

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Mike Adams & Blood Clots Shown live and tested under microscope hour 1

May 25, 2022

My only other social media: https://twitter.com/GonzaloLira1968 Because I’ve lost access to all my accounts and channels to the SBU (Ukraine’s secret police), I don’t have any way to promote my content—so please be so kind as to share this video with anyone whom you think might learn something. GL

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2022.05.25 Everyone Is Positioning Themselves For The Upcoming Ukrainian Disintegration

May 24, 2022

Ritter is a tremendously good sport and agreed to come on to share his thoughts on the “controversy” sparked by his recent analysis:

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Scott Ritter discusses the responses he’s received from his recent analysis

May 11, 2022

The United States declared victory over the Japanese with two nuclear attacks, here is how Russia could defeat America with one.

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How Russia Could Defeat NATO And Launch The Great Reset With Only One Nuke